Bassil seeks unified effort to protect Syrian Christians

The Daily Star – 10/12/13

BEIRUT: Caretaker Energy  Minister Gebran Bassil  called for forming a Lebanese  delegation to tour countries with influence on the “terrorist movements” in Syria  and ask them to mediate in halting the  attacks on Christians there.

Bassil’s remarks were made following a meeting with Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai  in Bkirki.

“The Christians in Lebanon  should have a stance on what is happening  in Maaloula, which is different from just denunciation or condemnation,” Bassil  said.

“What is happening doesn’t affect only the Christians but also the  Muslims.”

Lebanon must form a delegation to tour countries with influence on extremist  factions in  Syria so they’ll stop committing acts of what he called genocide  and turning Christians in human shields Bassil said.