– 100,000 Times the Good to Know

Basilica News Agency – Ștefana Totorcea-  5/9/2020

Once we entered the new ecclesiastical year, we also crossed another milestone, one whose weight encourages us and makes us feel more responsible. The WordPress platform informed us on September 1st, 2020 that we had just published the 100,000th article on

So we have tried 100,000 times – and hope we succeeded every time – to make known good deeds, even the apparently least relevant. We have searched for the relevant Good and presented it to the world hoping to make it contagious.

In our daily news flux, on social media, through newsletters, through the “Good to Know” magazine, the photo projects, and infographics. This is the daily bread of seven people who believe in the power of the “Good to Know”, the slogan of the Basilica News Agency.

Our mission is to add to the Romanian media landscape the too-often-forgotten activity of the Church, the charity initiatives and good deeds accomplished in the Romanian eparchies from the country and from abroad.

We have more than 90,000 followers on Facebook and over 18,000 on Instagram. Growing numbers tell us that we are read and quoted, that we have become a reference source for religious news, for Christian Orthodox news and media.