Basilica News Agency of the Romanian Patriarchate Celebrates 13th Anniversary

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OCP News Service – 17/6/21

Bucharest -Romania: Basilica News Agency, one among the five departments of the Basilica Media Centre (founded by Patriarch Daniel) of the Romanian Orthodox Church is celebrating 13 years of news service. The news agency was launched on 16th June 2008. It is credited as the only news agency managed by an autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Basilica strictly adheres to the policy of Christian morality and the norms of journalistic deontology. The news agency covers a wide variety of topics such as religious social, cultural, art, tourism, ecology and sports. The agency also publishes ‘Basilica Monthly Review’ and the online magazine titled ‘The Good to Know’.

Over the years, the Basilica news agency has positioned itself as one of the most trusted news agencies in Romania. 

With the blessings of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and the Holy Synod, and under the leadership of Aurelian Iftimiu (Director) the Newsagency continue to expand and conquer new heights.

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