Basilica Media Center – 13 years of Journalism for the Church Celebrated in the Field, Among the Faithful

Basilica News Agency – 28/10/2020

The Basilica Media Center of the Romanian Patriarchate celebrates its 13th anniversary on October 27, on the feast of St Demetrius the New.

This celebration always finds Church journalists at work. During the religious service, from the Patriarchate Hill, or from behind the computer screens, they report their whispered, yet firm “breaking news”.

Although this year’s pilgrimage has been affected by the pandemic restrictions, the Church journalists make possible participation “in spirit”, through technology.

Television and radio bring religious services live to the people, while and Lumina Newspaper report the events, while the Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate is available for other journalists and their audiences.

The Basilica Media Center activates within the Communication and Public Relations Sector of the Romanian Patriarchate. It is made of Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, the Lumina publications, Basilica News Agency, the Press and Public Relations Office.

Patriarch Daniel conceived the cooperation between the five institutions “as a five-fingered hand of the Church working to correctly inform the faithful about its current life and activity.”

The Basilica Media Center has functioned since October 27, 2007 as a non-profit subunit of the Patriarchate’s Administration.

Basilica News Agency was established as a department in 2007. The proper activity materialized on the website started on June 16, 2008. See more here.

Photo: / Raluca Ene