Baptismal Site will be cleared by HALO Trust


The Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem – July 2016


We would like to ask your attention and support for the following project:

Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan, somewhere near Jericho. Since centuries Christianity has visited Jordan River in that area, a location called Qasr al Yahud, to celebrate and commemorate Christ’s baptism.

The area however, as border territory between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is full with explosives. Since 2011 Israel has cleared already a small part of the area of mines, making that part more easily accessible to a growing number of pilgrims.

The size of the area which has not been cleared of landmines yet, consists of 55 hectares, all of which are plots of land and buildings belonging to the various Churches.

All Churches involved, amongst which also the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, unanimously have given their blessing to the detection and defusing of landmines at the Baptismal Site.

The organization HALO Trust will clear the Baptismal Site of landmines, without any costs for the Churches. HALO’s skilled experts will undertake the dangerous task of detecting and defusing the site, so that pilgrims and visitors will be able to freely visit this important site for Christianity again.

We would like to recommend you to support HALO financially, as well as to inform others about their work.