Armenian Orthodox Churches Vandalised and Destroyed by Azeri Mercenaries

Holy Savior Cathedral Pic -

Holy Savior Cathedral Pic –

OCP News Service – 16/11/2020

Yerevan-Armenia: The Holy Assumption Cathedral in the occupied territory of Shushi (the Republic of Artsakh) was vandalized and destroyed by the Azeri Mercenaries during the recent occupation.

A video has also emerged on social media in which Azerbaijani (suspected) mercenary screaming Allahu Akbar while standing on the top of a Church in Karabakh.

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The Baku leadership promised that they will protect the Armenian people and their cultural heritage in Karabak. However, such promises remain in vein.

Apart from the Shushi Church, the Armenian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Baku was demolished and a restaurant was built in its place.

OCP News Service