Armenian Minister on Agriculture puts faith in God


ETCHMIADZIN. – All Armenian Catholicos Karekin II received Armenian Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan at the Holy See in St. Etchmiadzin on Monday. The event of starting the new agricultural year with the blessing of St. Etchmiadzin was discussed.

Karekin II mentioned that the Armenian farmer has always plowed his land and harvested with blessing. He also mentioned that the cooperation between the Holy See and the Minister of Agriculture will give its kind fruits and will contribute to strengthening the faith of people.

His Holiness called to input every effort in improving the Armenian farmer’s live so he can do his work with joy and stay connected with his land which is one of the most important credentials for the country’s security and flourishing.

The minister mentioned that besides the achievements which have been reached in the agriculture sphere so far, the ministry will continue its works and will input every effort.