Armenian church is burnt in Tbilisi


Armenian Church St. Nshan in Georgian capitalTbilisiwas burnt again. People who live nearby informed reporter that they did not know the reason of the fire. At the same time they noted that people without place to live, drug-men and drunk men always gather at the church, which is left by everyone. Georgian authorities also do not answer to the question about the reasons of the fire. Firemen of our neighboring country put out the fire not with foam but with water and it also damaged the walls of the church. As a result of all these damages South-Eastern wall of the church went to ruin on January 9.

Remind that another Armenian Church inTbilisi, St. Gevorg (built on 1356) went to ruin on November 19, 2009. Armenian side has alarmed about the terrible condition of the church for many times. First crannies appeared on St. Gevorg church still on 1980s and on 1990 the building was listed as an emergency building. Crannies became bigger and bigger every day and this made Georgian experts conclude that the church must be ruined completely…

St.Nshan Church was burnt also on 2002. Before it the church suffered from the earthquake. But Georgian authorities have done nothing to save the building. Now the church stands just due to its strength and three walls which have remained.