Armenian Church criticized on-line campaign against Catholicos


YEREVAN. – Campaign against the Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II recently unfolded in social networks does not bring honor to its participants, said the spokeswoman for Karekin II, Father Vahram Melikyan on Friday.

According to him, Holy Etchmiadzin has never been against discussions.

“We always welcome discussions and suggestions but the recent discussions in social networks can hardly be called as such. The language used, as well as insults addressed to the church, do not bring honor to the participants who call themselves patriots. These discussions will not do any good to our country, our church and the Armenian Diaspora.”

Asked about the causes of such discussions and whether the misconduct of priests could possibly initiate it, Melikyan told that “the correlation of certain facts” might give that impression

“I cannot state who are behind this and what goals they pursue, I think – time will reveal it. However, despite the criticism and a wave of discontent, Holy Etchmiadzin will continue its activities for the benefit of the people,” he added.

As for the behavior of some priests, according to Melikyan, in all structures there are people having problems with conduct.

“In this regard, Holy Etchmiadzin is the most open structure, since it immediately reports of church officials suspended from the church because of their conduct,” he stressed.

Recently several groups have been created on Facebook, demanding the resignation of the Catholicos Karekin II. Soon another group was created in support of Karekin II. At this point there is an active on-line struggle between the supporters and opponents of the Catholicos.