Armenian Catholicos addresses on Victory, Peace Day


ETCHMIADZIN. – The Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II issued a congratulatory message in connection with the Victory and Peace Day.

“The victory, which was achieved against fascism [during the Great Patriotic War in World War II], is celebrated on this day. This celebration causes a double joy for the heart of each Armenian, because [the City of] Shushi, which is the heart of our native Artsakh World [i.e., Nagorno-Karabakh Republic], was liberated twenty years ago on this day on May 9. The liberation of Shushi became a crucial step in the triumphant struggle to defend the right for liberty and self-determination of our Artsakh Armenians.

On this anniversary day, we remember with admiration our brave sons and daughters who selflessly sacrificed their lives to the Motherland, in the years of the Great Patriotic and the heroic battle of Artsakh,” the Catholicos’ message reads in particular.