ARMAD – New Youth Committee Established for the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchat of Jerusalem – 23/7/19

On Friday the 19th of July 2019, a historic meeting took place in the Armenian patriarchate with His Beatitude Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem.

A special committee was established by His Beatitude the Patriarch, in cooperation with young members of the Armenian Community. The committee is called “ARMAD” (roots) and consists of the following members: Hagop Djernazian, Harout Baghamian, Hagop Hagopian, Apo Sahagian, Armen Alemian, Sarin Gedjekoushian, Sevana Hekimian, Kegham Balian and Hagop Sivzatian.

The committee will work on behalf of the Armenian community in Jerusalem, to strengthen the community and to work together with the community and the youth.

The committee will work with the Patriarch in a few ways: to strengthen the cultural life in the community, to strengthen the community economically, and to create new connections between the Armenian community and other communities.

The Patriarch wishes the committee a lot of success in the upcoming events and projects.