Archpriest Aurel Munteanu’s 80th Anniversary of Martyrdom – Met. Andrei: Follow His Faith!

Basilica News Agency – 16/9/2020

Archpriest Aurel Munteanu was commemorated last Thursday on the 80th anniversary of his martyrdom.

The memorial service was officiated at the Orthodox Cathedral in Huedin by Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj, Maramureş, and Sălaj. In the churchyard, where the tomb of the martyred archpriest is located, a Trisagion service was officiated.

The commemorative moments were preceded by the Divine Liturgy when Metropolitan Andrei urged the people to capitalize on the life model of Archpriest Aurel Munteanu.

“The good thing is that we remember his soul. According to the word of the Holy Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Hebrews, we owe to remember him. And seeing the way he ended his life, let us follow his faith,” His Eminence said September 10.

The hero and martyr archpriest Aurel Munteanu was killed on September 10, 1940, by Horthy’s soldiers who occupied Transylvania.

“He was beaten in the street with fists and clubs, he was knocked down to the ground, his hair and beard were torn off. One of the assassins stuck a stake in his mouth until it came out through the back of his neck,” mentioned a report of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.