Archpriest Arkady Tyshchuk, long-standing staff members of the DECR, passed away


Archpriest Arkady Tyshchuk, one of the oldest priests in Moscow and rector of the church of Our Lady of Tikhvin in Moscow, departed into the Lord on July 11, 2012. For many years Father Arkady served in the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Father Arkady was born to the family of a priest in Lithuania in 1931. He graduated from the Minsk Seminary. For 60 years he served at the Throne of God and during Khrushchev’s persecution against the Russian Church shared the feat of confession for the faith of Christ.

For over ten years, Father Arkady served in various parishes in Vilnius and Vladimir. From 1969, being a staff member of the DECR, he served in Japan, USA and Bulgaria. Father Arkady had many church decorations not only from the Russian Church but also from other Local Orthodox Churches.