Archimandrite Jovan Radosavljevic awarded with Order of Saint Sava

Serbian Orthodox Church

By the suggestion of His Grace Bishop Hrizostom of Zica, Right Reverend Archimandrite Jovan Radosavljevic was awarded with the order of Saint Sava. On the feast day of the Transfer of Relics of Saint hieromartyr Archdeacon Stephen the Divine Liturgy ,in the monastery of Zica, was served by His Grace Bishop Hrizostom of Zica with the concelebration of Bishop Jovan of Sumadia. The Divine Liturgy was attended by Bishop Irinej of Backa.

Bishop Jovan of Sumadia read the decision of the Holy Synod of Bishops about the highest distintinction of our Holy Church to Archimandrite Jovan Radosavljevic and Bishop Irinej of Backa, on behal of the Holy Synod of Bishops, handed over the order to father Jovan.