Archbishop Mark believes it real to set up Russian church metropolitan district in Western Europe

Moscow, January 12, Interfax – Establishing of the Russian church metropolitan district in Western Europe is “quite real,” Archbishop Mark of Berlin,Germany and Great Britain (the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) said. 

“His Holiness late Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia spoke about it. We were not even in canonical communication then, but agreed to participate in discussions on the question,” the has quoted the Archbishop as saying. 

Archbishop Mark noted that at the present moment dioceses and parishes in the Western Europe “are much uncoordinated.” 

“Territories of some dioceses partially overlap each other and it creates abnormal situation. It would be better for us to have one direction, where everything would be concentrated and approved by councilor administration,” Archbishop Mark believes. 

According to him, this question was earlier discussed with certain hierarchs and believers, but “its overall and deep discussions are yet to take place.”

“It seems to me that sooner or later we will have to take up the problem of establishing metropolitan district in the Western Europe,” the hierarch believes.