Archbishop Ieronymos II Calls Islam “a Political Party”

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OCP News Service – 15/1/21

Athens- Greece: “Islam is not a religion but a political party. They are the people of war” stated His Beatitude IeronymosII, the Archbishop of Athens according to a report published by Orthodox Times. He made the statement during an interview on the contributions of the Church of Greece in the Greek Revolution (1821).

The Primate of the Church of Greece applauded the role played by the Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople and the contributions of the Greek Orthodox clergy in the revolution.

Gregory V was brutally murdered by the Ottoman Turks on the Easter Sunday of the 22nd of April 1821. His body was hanged and was for two days on the main gate of the Patriarchate. This event was followed by a massacre of the Greek population of Constantinople by the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

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