Archbishop Elsa of Northern Gondar (EOTC) Enters Eternal Rest

Menetasnot Desta – Chief Administrator of the OCP Amharic Service- OCP News Service – 27/5/19

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Addis Ababa- Ethiopia: Archbishop Abune Elsa of Northern Gondar of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church entered eternal rest on 25th May 2019 at the Gondar University hospital where he was treated for kidney and heart-related problems. He was 84 years. The late Archbishop has served as the secretary general of the EOTC Holy Synod for two years. He served as the Prelate of Jimma, Kafa, South Gonder and North Gonder dioceses for over forty years. He was also a patriarchal candidate during the 4th and 6th patriarchal elections.

A special ceremony will be held on May 27 at the Mesqel square of the Gondar city of. The funeral ceremony will be held on May 28 at the St. Gelawdious Church in Dera Mekane Semaetat (his birthplace) in the presence of Patriarch Abune Mathias and other Ethiopian Prelates.

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