Archbishop Dionysius Behnan Jajawi Enters Eternal Rest

Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East – 18/2/14

Memory Eternal!!!

His Eminence  Dionysius Behnan Jajawi former archbishop of Jerusalem and the Holy Land of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East entered eternal rest. His Eminence was the most senior archbishop and had served more than 55 years as archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church.


Born in Mosul-Iraq in 1925 and completed his primary school in his hometown. He joined the Theological Seminary alaframet Zahle-Lebanon 1942 and completed his seminary in Mosul after school. On Friday April 16, 1947 in church wearing monastic Seminary he pronounced. He graduated from Seminary in 1952 after having studied 6 years and obtained a diploma in theology. The end of 1953, God has maraghnatios triangle sample Avram I barsoum Secretary of the monastery the Marcus in Jerusalem on Friday, April 16, 1954, he was ordained priest in the Church of the monastery of Saint Mark, and served the monastery for four years and was Director of the elementary school sect in Jerusalem and a priest of the parish of Oman Syriac. 1958 appointed Patriarch Yacoub III Deputy patriarchal Archdiocese Lebanon in one of the first priests of March 1959 the Patriarch bishops for his parish church in Lebanon St. Peter and St Paul in Beirut. In 1964 he traveled to New York-United States-year full scholarship in alunion seminary. From 1965 to 1970 he was in the service of the Patriarch in Damascus assigned by several services. Full year in Egypt as the Deputy patriarchal. 1980 appointed academic, headed by Patriarch Ignatius zakka I of the monastery of Saint Matthew as a new seminary school. In 1983 his decision sample collectors and patriarchal bishops for the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and Jordan.

His Excellency has earned many certificates during his ksrter to the monastery the Marcus earned a journalism school in Cairo, the Egyptian press and diplomas in psychology and literary studies of the National University in Cairo (by correspondence). As a (g. c. a) (g.s.e) from London in both Syriac and Arabic. During his Archbishopric gained a diploma from Greece seminary in New York in General theological studies in Syriac Church of the complex link the ecclesiastical world and the rest of the churches. And the ecumenical movement for Christian churches, in 1964. He has three books of sermons broadcast aired on radio Lebanon (dew drops from the fountain of Huda-magic harp heavenly tones-breezes Peerage of the Evangelical kindergarten). Throughout the book the life of his predecessor, Bishop Dionysius Behnam smergi Bishop of Mosul. And a lecture on the Mar Afram speech at Church St Elias Orthodox of Beirut at the invitation of the Assembly of the Church. God save our Shepherd for Holy service.