Archbishop Anastasios is honored with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the University of Korça


Thursday 15th of January the University of Korça “Fan S. Noli” conveyed the honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa”to Archbishop Anastasios. This was the first time that the University of Korça has given an honorary title. There were many people at the ceremony, including clergy and believers. Also present were the Prefect of Korça, Mrs. Elfrida Zefi, Head of city of Korça, Mr. Ilia Milo, Mayor of Korça, Mr. Niko Peleshi, and the Rector of the University of Korça, Mr. Gjergji Mero.

The Rector of the University praised the figure of Archbishop Anastasios, presenting for all the participants his biography and some of his main writings. He said: “Archbishop Anastasios will be the forerunner of all the other titles that our University will bestow in the future. It is an honor for this University that holds the name of Fan S. Noli, to honor Archbishop Anastasios, as the first one with this title. After the University Rector spoke, the Prefect, Mrs. Elfrida Zefi, described the figure of Archbishop Anastasios as an erudite and an admirable personality. The Mayor, Mr. Niko Peleshi, thanked Archbishop Anastasios for his contribution to religious coexistence and tolerance.
I affirm that for me the news was unexpected that the University of Korca had decided to bestow to me the title, “Doctor Honoris Causa”. I heartily thank you all. The lens of generosity and goodwill extended by the persons who have spoken here gave a larger dimension to my contribution. I still warmly thank you all. Your love and your consideration really offer the necessary support in the effort God has given to us” – emphasized Archbishop Anastasios in his salutatory speech.
He then gave a speech entitled, “The Values of All Human Religions”, emphasizing that: “It is necessary to make the approximation for the peaceful coexistence, with profound judgment, without sacrificing the special personality of groups and nations; searching for an intermediate path and to clarify ‘again and again’ the character, the purpose and the hope of this dialogue”.

At the end of his speech, Archbishop Anastasios said: “I am always saying that I am a little Albanian from Korça. I want to complete this now by saying that I am also a new student of the University of Korça”. The request to bestow the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” was extended in February of 2007, by a group of more than 190 intellectuals from Korça. The Senate of the University accepted this request and moved to have the Council of the Scientific Qualification at the Ministry of Education and Science give this title. The title was approved by the Council of the Scientific Qualification on 27th of July by the then head, Mr. Genc Pollo, Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science.