Appeal on ‘Ethiopian Genocide’ by George Alexander Featured on Spas Russian Orthodox TV Channel

Spas TV Video In Russian

Full-length Video In English

OCP News Service – 30/09/2020

Moscow-Russia: The special appeal by Mr George Alexander (Secretary of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) was aired on SPAS TV Channel during the panel discussion titled ‘ETHIOPIA – Persecution of Christians’ which was held on 28th September 2020.

The Planned Extermination of Orthodox Christians and Minorities in Ethiopia

The special appeal video (addressed to Patriarch Krill, Russian Church faithful and the Russian People) was exclusively produced by OCP Media Network in response to a request from the Hieromonk Stephan Igumnov (DECR secretary for inter-Christian relations) of the Russian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate. Hieromonk Stephan also took part in the discussion.

Christians Butchered at ‘Genocide Levels’ in Nigeria and Ethiopia: Urgent Intervention Required – OCP Secretary

The appeal video was shot and edited by Donn George Varghese (Editor- International Affairs) of the Dept. of Public Relations and Information Services dept. of the OCP Society. Readers shall watch the appeal from 21:12 min in the SPAS program. We have also uploaded the full-length appeal video on our YouTube Channel for our viewers.

We thank Fr Dr Jossi Jacob (Principal of STOS, Nagpur and Chief of the Center for Orthodox Studies – COS), Archdeacon Tesfa Michael (Archdeacon Tesfa Michael Williams, Editor of Ethiopian Affairs @OCP), Deacon Solomon Kibriye (Chief Editor of Ethiopian Affairs @OCP) and Menetasnot Desta (OCP Delegate of Addis Ababa and All Ethiopia) for their valuable contributions and support.

The Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, Pan-Orthodox Christian Society was one of the first organizations to respond to the Ethiopian crisis. For the past few years, the OCP Society has been readily involved in generating awareness by publishing field-level reports on OCP Media Network about the on-going genocide in Ethiopia. The Secretariat of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) sent several reports on the ongoing persecution of Christians in Ethiopia to the UN and various international and human rights organizations.

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