Appeal from OCP Coptic Delegate

OCP News Service – 16/813

My Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters &friends

We as Egyptians need to send a message to the Whole World. I am requesting you to help us share the below message:

“What happens in Egypt is not a military coup but an internal matter & we the people of Egypt commissioned the Egyptian Army & Police to deal with the elimination of the terrorist group & none of the states has the right to intervene in this matter.

Egypt is a Sovereign state, on the other side, the Muslims Brotherhood is engaged in terrorist activities towards all the Egyptians & especially the Christians. Churches & monasteries have been burned in a barbaric way”.

Please keep Egypt in your prayers. Kindly pray for the safety of all people in Egypt.

John Anton
(Special Delegate)
Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

Source: OCP News Service