Anti-Orthodox Attacks Reach Addis Ababa  

Addis Ababa. Pic- Youtube

Addis Ababa. Pic- Youtube

Deacon Solomon Kibriye (Chief Editor – Ethiopian Affairs) – OCP News Service – 27/11/2019

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia: According to sources from Addis Ababa, violent attacks have taken place at the Church of the Archangel St. Michael located in the Bole Sub-City of the Ethiopian capital. As it is customary throughout the country, the Church of the St.Michael was festooned with Ethiopia’s tricolor flag to celebrate the annual feast of the Archangel last Friday.  Since then, there have been attempts by the local chapter of the Oromo Ethnicist youth group “Qerro” to tear down the Ethiopian flag from the church.

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The faithful were able to repel the attempts, but on Monday, November 25, the “Qerro” returned in great numbers and not only repeated the attempt to tear down the flags but also tried to set fire to the Church. The attack resulted in a riot as faithful fought to beat back the Qerro from attacking the church.

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 Addis Ababa Metropolitan police were sent in to calm the situation, but according to local reports, sided with the Qerro. As the situation escalated the Police opened gunfire and reports states that at least three were wounded. Further casualties have been rumored, but yet to be confirmed. Federal Police have since intervened, but the situation remains tense.

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