Another Teenage Coptic Girl Vanishes

  – May 2015

Coptic Solidarity

On May 2, yet another Coptic Christian girl vanished.  Marina Magdi Fahim, 17, disappeared after leaving her home around noontime and walking to an educational institution in the Hanofil region of Alexandria.

She was not seen again.  Her family reported her disappearance to the authorities, which, according to a Coptic Christian bishop, seldom yields any results, and sometimes makes matters worse.

Human rights activists say the girl was not reported injured at any hospital which means she was kidnapped.

A few days earlier, another 17-year old Coptic Christian was kidnapped in the village of al-Kom al-Qibliyya in Samalout, Upper Egypt.  Her family accuses the next door neighbor, a Muslim man named Ahmed Khalifa.

An eyewitness said he saw the Muslim man seizing the girl.

Although the family planned on organizing a protest, village elders counseled against it, lest it backfire by provoking more of the area’s Muslims to retaliate against the Christian minority of the region, as often happens whenever Copts demand their human rights.