Amnesty International Report on Axum Church Massacre in Tigray Region (Ethiopia) Published

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OCP News Service – 26/2/21

Addis Ababa-Ethiopia: Amnesty International has published a 25-page report on the Mass killing that took place in the compound of the historic Axum Church (the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion/Re-ese Adbarat Kidiste Kidusan Dingel Maryam Ts’iyon Maryam Ts’iyon) in the Tigray region. Download the report here

Watch Webinar on “War Violence and Domestic Violence in Tigray- Ethiopia” by Dr Romina Istratii

According to the report, “Amnesty International has collected the names of more than 240 of the victims. The organization has been unable to independently verify the overall death toll, but consistent witness testimonies and corroborating evidence make it plausible that hundreds of residents were killed”.

Sexual Violence in Tigray: Another War Waged on Women and Girls?

Apart from the report published by amnesty international reports about sexual violence being used in the military offensive in the Tigray region have emerged on Twitter and other social media platforms. Under the leadership of Dr Romina Istratii (SOAS University of London and a delegate of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE), two webinars were organized on “Sexual Abuse committed on women and Girls in Tigray and on “War Violence and Domestic Violence” in the Tigray conflict.

Apart from Amnesty a  number of media outlets like AP News, Telegraph, Financial Times, The Asian Herald, The Week, Washington Post, Christian post, Atlanta Blackstar, Catholic News Agency, Church Times, In-Depth News, Catholic World Report, Christianity Today, Irish Times, Times of Isreal, Christian today, DOHI News, ACNUK, UCA News, CBN, Christian headlines have published reports on the massacre of more than 700 people at the Maryam Tsiyon Church in Aksum, Tigray.

Reuters has also published an article citing the Amnesty report. However, according to the Ethiopian Government’s Emergency Task Force for the Tigray region, the investigation on the massacre in Axum is under progress.

Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion or the Church of Axum is a 4th century Orthodox Church that is believed to be the final resting place of the Ark of Covenant.

Headquartered in the US, Amnesty International is one of the worlds leading non-governmental organization (NGO) on human rights.

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