Ambassador Of Bosnia And Hertzegovina In Bucharest On An Introductory Visit To The Romanian Patriarchate

On 11 March 2015, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel received Her Excellency Mrs Nina Sajić, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bosnia and Hertzegovina in Romania, on an introductory visit. Her Excellency thanked for reception and presented various aspects of the social-political and religious life of Bosnia and Hertzegovina. In this sense, Mrs Ambassador underlined the important role of the Orthodox Church in her country where Christians, as well as Muslims (40%) live. There is an Inter-religious Council of the main religious cults in Bosnia Hertzegovina, a body that cultivated a climate of mutual respect and social peace, in the context of the complex historical, ethnic and religious relations of this country.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel mentioned that the State is neuter in Romania and it observes the autonomy of the religious cults. At the same time, the state authorities recognise the important role of factors of social peace of the religious cults and cooperate with them in the implementation of certain social, educational and cultural programmes in favour of the Romanian society. In 2011, the religious cults recognised in our country constituted the Consultative Council of the Religious Cults of Romania, said the Patriarch of Romania, which periodically meets to present a common view on various issues. In this sense, His Beatitude mentioned the recent Common Appeal of this inter-religious body in favour of continuing the presence of the religious education in the Romanian public educational system.

The Patriarch of Romania underlined the importance of the intensification of the cooperation between the peoples and Churches in the Balkans. In this context, His Beatitude mentioned that the Romanian Patriarchate wants to extend the organisation of pilgrimages, through the Pilgrimage Office and Basilica Travel Agency, to Bosnia and Hertzegovina for the Romanian faithful to know the holy places and religious life of this country. Mrs Ambassador accepted this proposal with pleasure.