Alleged Displacement of Orthodox Monks in Ethiopia

E. S. G. OCP News Service – 11/4/21

Addis-Ababa-Ethiopia: Reports are coming out that monks are being displaced from one of the significant hermetic centres in Ethiopia, Waldeba Monastery, due to the ongoing conflict in the region. The exact figures of the displaced have been clearly undisclosed yet. However, the report has become a contesting ground for polarized political elites rather than exposing the realities on the ground or aiding the hermits.

The Monastery is located at the foot of the Simien Mountains. Tradition states it was established in the 4th century but was strengthened by the 14th century Saint, Abune Samuel of Waldeba (The Lion Rider). The monastery was looted and set alight in the 16th century by AhmedGragn (Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi) and was re-established in the same century. It is one of the thriving centres of asceticism in Ethiopia.

OCP News Service