Allahshukur Pashazade sends letter to Armenian Catholicos


Chief of the Caucasus Muslims Department sheikh ul-Islam haji Allahshukur Pashazade has sent a letter to All-Armenian Catholicos Garegin II.

According to the press service for the Caucasus Muslims Department Rahima Dadasheva, the letter was sent to Yerevan some time ago and is connected with the outcomes of the meeting with Armenian deserter Akop Injigulyan.

According to Dadasheva, the details of the letter are close for press.

All-Armenian Catholicos Garegin II addressed Pashazade in August with a request to take steps to liberate Injigulyan and send him back to Armenia.

Armenian army soldier from Voskevaz village of the Ashtarak region Akop Injigulyan (1991) crossed the front line on the night of 8 August and surrendered to the Azerbaijani side. He said the situation in the Armenian army is hard, soldiers fall sick and do not feed normally. This forced him to cross the front line and surrender. The deserter asked the Azerbaijani authorities to send him to a third country.