Al Jazeera, France 24 Features the Armenian Church in Bangladesh and Its Hindu Caretaker

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OCP News Service – 23/6/21

Global: Al Jazeera has published an article titled In Bangladesh’s empty Armenian church, a lone Hindu worshipper. Meanwhile, France 24 has featured the same church in an article titled ‘One God’: Empty Armenian church’s last worshipper in Bangladesh‘. Both news channels have shed light on the life of Shankar Ghosh who is the full-time caretaker of the Holy Resurrection Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Dhaka. He is the last parishioner of the only Armenian Church in Bangladesh. Completed in 1781, the Armenian Church is considered a historically significant architectural monument in the country.

Dahaka was once home to a thriving Armenian population. However, in due course of time, all of them migrated abroad. The last Armenian faithful left Bangladesh in 2014. The Church is financially supported by the Armenian Community in Los Angeles under the leadership and patronage of Businessman Armen Arslanian. The building is also protected by the Department of Archaeology, Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh.

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