Al-Akhbar: Hezbollah supports Orthodox electoral proposal

October 2012

A “well-informed” source told a Lebanese daily that the Shiite party Hezbollah informed its Christian ally, the Free Patriotic Movement, that its members in parliament will vote for the Orthodox gathering’s electoral proposal if it is put up for a vote.

The source told Al-Akhbar newspaper in remarks published on Monday that both parties agreed on not announcing this latest development so that the “March 14 [coalition] does not use it in confronting the FPM.”

Speaker Nabih Berri said his bloc, the Development and Liberation, will also vote in favor of the Orthodox proposal in parliament, said the anonymous source.

In August, the cabinet approved an electoral law based on proportionality and 13 electoral districts for the 2013 parliamentary elections. It seeks to replace the 1960 electoral law, which was based on simple majority representation.

However, many March 14 figures spoke out against the approved draft law saying they would support it if it was based on smaller districts, while others said they backed the Orthodox gathering’s proposal which states that citizens should vote for candidates affiliated with their own religious sect.

Last week, the March 14 Christian parties presented a draft electoral law based on 50 small electoral constituencies.

-NOW Lebanon