Aid Donated Again by Albanian Orthodox Students and Believers

The Albanian Orthodox Church – February-March 2015
On the 21st of February, to the emergency warehouses in Tirana, aid was donated in the form of food and clothing for the residents of the flooded areas in the south of the country. They were collected by the believers of Tirana and Durrës, and from the students of the Albanian-American “Protagonists” school of our Church. This aid consisted of about 80 packages of food and clothing and was donated by the Bishop of Kruja, His Grace Anthony.
Since the early days of the emergency, the Orthodox believers have been responding to the calls that were made in the churches and were mobilized to help. The first aid was gathered in the Metropolis of Berati (Berat, Lushnjë, Fier, Vlorë)and was donated in the emergency headquarters of Novosel and Levan.
A second contingent, of other amounts of aid, was donated on the 11th of February. With the gifts of the Orthodox believers they were able to prepare 160 packages of food (weighing over two tons) and 330 water bottles (7 liter) of water for the families of the flooded area.
Likewise, in the Emergency Headquarters in Fier aid was donated that had been collected in the Metropolis of Korça, after the announcement and awareness made in all the churches and on the local television.
Also, help from our Church was given for the city of Selenica. After flooding from the River Vjosa, the pumping station was broken and the city was without water. Thus, with the contribution of the believers, 600 water bottles (8-liter) were gathered and donated to the emergency headquarters.
The collection of aid continues.