Photo: – 31/5/17

Archimandrite Gregory (Zumis), abbot of the Athonite Dionysiou Monastery, has commented on the anti-Christian attitude and situation in Greece and the European Union, where rulers seem to be doing all they can to eliminate the Church, reports AgionOros.

“Our rulers can’t stand all the smells of incense and candles and are consciously struggling against it. They fight the Church and try to eliminate this ‘problem’ from their paths,” the elder writes. “They desperately fight for there to be no crosses anywhere, no bells, no candles to be lit, and the beaches to be adorned not with churches, but with bars and cafes,” Fr. Gregory laments.

“They make blasphemous laws opposed to the natural, and legalize that which is unnatural,” he writes. A bill that allows civil partnership rights for gay and lesbian couples passed in Greek Parliament on December 23, 2015 amid reactions from the Church of Greece and conservative MPs. Furthermore, “they canceled the stipends to mothers of large families.”

The Church was unprepared for the blows from the sickle and hammer of the ruling SYRIZA party, the abbot believes. They had promised not to sign any memoranda with European creditors, but then did just that, abusing and doing violence against Greece. “They are purposefully engendering poverty and desperation. They only give, never take,” says Abbot Gregory.

The streets are full of poor people searching for food in trash cans, he writes, while the authorities limit cash circulation. “It’s horrible, intolerable, and unbelievable!” exclaims Fr. Gregory.

“They take a house from the Greeks for any reason, and place so-called refugees there with money from the accursed European Union. First uproot people from their homes, and then they’ll begin to ‘care’… Are you silent because you’re afraid to speak?” the abbot asks indignantly. “And the rulers daily make merry at our funerals and dance on our graves, singing, ‘We have crushed them, destroyed them, milked them dry,’” he insists.

“Down with any moral values, down with religious and patriotic symbols, down with the Gospel truth. Down with heroes and national holidays. All information is given to children in a corrupted form. Long live lies and terror!…” Abbot Gregory writes, summarizing the rulers’ aims, noting how Greeks have become embarrassed to be Christians.