A Report by Dr Romina Istratii from Tigray (Ethiopia) in Collaboration with the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

SOAS University of London – 29/04/21

SOAS-UK: On 28 April 2021, Dr Romina Istratii delivered a talk to the Centre of World Christianity to share the experiences of project dldl/ድልድል in Ethiopia and while the conflict in Tigray is ongoing in collaboration with the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society). Dr Istratii presented the second working paper published by the project team, which summarised a literature review that identified the state of evidence on the relationship between political violence and domestic violence in order to deepen the analysis of domestic violence in conflict-ridden Tigray as part of the ongoing work of project dldl/ድልድል, as well as to inform humanitarian responses proactively.

Dr Istratii argued for the need for humanitarian responses to proactively consider how to address complex and multiple trauma as a result of the ongoing violence, especially related to the extensive sexual violence against women and girls, and to contextualise these interventions in regional history, Tigrayan society and the religious-cultural beliefs of the population. Dr Istratii referred especially to the role that the clergy, as spiritual fathers, can play in community-oriented efforts to raise awareness about the consequences of sexual violence and to minimise the likelihood of re-traumatisation for the survivors and their families.

Dr Istratii’s presentation slides can be downloaded below:

“A talk on the crisis in Tigray: Presenting the results of a literature review on war violence and domestic violence by project dldl/ድልድል to inform humanitarian responses in the region”