A new website kuchnia.cerkiew.pl

Polish Orthodox Church – October 2014

How are prosphoras made? What to prepare for Christmas Eve’s dinner? Why do we fast every Wednesday and Friday? What do fruit symbolize during the day of the Transfiguration of Jesus? The answers to these (and other) questions can be found on our new website www.kuchnia.cerkiew.pl.

We were planning to create a website of that kind a long time ago. Now, finally, we managed to create it! Our team has been working on this project for approximately 1 year. There have been many people involved in it. Thanks to them, now we own many movies which present many ways of cooking typical dishes from regions of Knyszyn Forest.

In these videos we tried to show how the tradition of the region is related to the tradition of the Orthodoxy. We have presented many recipes which are mostly forgotten nowadays. We divided these recipes into fasting and festive meals so that our readers will be able to find culinary inspirations for each day of the year.

The website kuchnia.cerkiew.pl is created not only for lovers of cooking. Everyone who wants to learn something about the importance of food in the life of an Orthodox Christian can read our website www.kuchnia.cerkiew.pl .

We hope that the service will evolve in the future and we look forward to your cooperation. Send us your recipes and photos of prepared dishes. Our team can film you cook! As well, we need your comments and ideas which will help us to make the website better and better. Anyone who wants to be updated on new videos posted on our YouTube channel should SUBSCRIBE our channel.