A Group of Children from Donbass Welcomed in Belarus

Translated by Nadezhda Filipchik – For OCP News Service – August 2016

In the end of July, a group of children from the Donetsk region came to Belarus for summer vacations. The visit of the children living in the conditions of constant hostility was organized by the volunteers from the Belorussian Orthodox Church.

Eight children arrived in Belarus from the Donbass towns of Spartak and Veseloe, located closely to each other. These towns are notorious for being situated in the area of constant fire and the people suffer on daily basis. For more than two years they  survived in the houses without electricity, water and gas. They lack resources to raise children for a better future.

A week of vacations seemed to be a limited period  of time, but for the Donbass children, it was a great opportunity  to be away from the civil war. Volunteers did their best to help organize the vacation. Different organizations such as a water-park and an aero-club offered their service free of charge. The activities helped the children to get rid of their constant fear of their lives and to gain new ideas. There is no doubt that this week of vacations full of love and good impressions will remain in theirs hearts and will help them to face difficulties in their lives with confidence and courage.