A Great Humanitarian Activity of the Serbian Orthodox Charities

Church of Serbia – 2/4/2020

In accordance with the mission of the Serbian Orthodox Church, at this very difficult time for all the inhabitants of Serbia and the world in general, owing to the malignant coronavirus, the Serbian Orthodox Charities has launched a series of actions to assist the most vulnerable families and individuals in the Archdiocese of Belgrade-Karlovac and in other dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Due to the volume and difficult procurement referring to the state of emergency, the action will be implemented in two parts. In the first round on March 20, 2020, – 25 kilograms of white wheat flour type 500, 10 liters of edible sunflower oil and 5 kilograms of beans were delivered to everyone in need. The second round – which was delivered on March 23, 2020  – distributed other foods: sugar, pasta, salt, yeast, canned food, as well as household chemicals: laundry detergent and dishes, soaps, shampoos …

The action involved 47 families with many kids from the Archdiocese of Belgrade-Karlovac, 15 families with many kids from other dioceses, 7 families where only one parent takes care of the family and more than ten severely disadvantaged families and individuals. We have provided basic living supplies for about 600 people with children.

Regular customers of Church Soup Kitchen, with a number of about 1700, was supplied with food items sufficient for the next 10 days on March 23, 2020. To all those living without a roof over their heads, numbering about 300, canned food was delivered on March 23, 2020, as well.

In addition to food and household products, medicaments were also available, that are available at pharmacies and our dispensary for those seeking help.

The Serbian Orthodox Charities are going to intensify their mission of assisting humanitarian actions throughout the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia.


The Serbian Orthodox Charities is a humanitarian, charitable organization operating within the Serbian Orthodox Church. The main purpose of this charitable organization is to carry out various humanitarian activities, with the aim of providing assistance to all who need it. The work of тхе Цхаритиес is based on the basic, unforgiving Christian values of loving one another. Beneficiaries and donors are all legal and private entities who, through their voluntary contributions, assist the ministry of this humanitarian organization. The President is His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch,  who supervises and personally evaluates the overall activity of this institution.