28. June and Philanthropy are helping Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija

Church of Serbia – 2/1/19

The humanitarian organization “28. June” (28. jun) on Friday, 28th of December 2018, managed to deliver humanitarian assistance to the population living in Serbian enclaves at Kosovo and Metohija, as the first organization able to do so, after an introduction of the blockade in December.

A truck with basic help carried 20 pallets of flour, oil, and cans with food and arrived at the addresses of Serbian community kitchens and kindergartens in the south Serbian province, with the help of a charitable fond „Philanthropy“ and Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral.

Eight tons of medical equipment and sanitary material, with a value of USD 700.000, will arrive at Kosovo and Metohija from the American state of Kentucky. The humanitarian organization “28. June” during the holidays will help to Serbian population at Kosovo and Metohija with the total amount of million dollars.

Source: covekoljublje.org