28 Jun NGO to Cater 6 Young Children Abandoned by their Parents

28 Jun NGO – 14/2/2020

We couldn’t believe this story was true and we can’t begin to comprehend how this can happen in a civilized country but, as confirmed by RTS, in Novi Kozjak six children live without their parents. Their mother abandoned them and their father is in prison. They are from three to 16 years old and take care of each other in a dilapidated house | SRPSKI

The saddest story of the year

Stevan is 15 and doing physical labor to feed his five sisters who live with him. Sanja is 11 years old and cooks, does laundry, cleans the house, dresses the babies and puts them to sleep. She also helps her brother to cut wood. In order to survive, the ‘older’ children have to work. Therefore, Stevan does not go to school regularly. Although very young, the children are aware they are abandoned and all alone.

“If you can buy us bread”

They say they often lack food, baby diapers, shoes…They live in inhumane conditions. The house is empty and the children are often sick. They have another sister, who is ill and therefore with a foster family. When the parents have clearly turned their backs on their kids, how is it possible for competent institutions to allow these children to survive alone for eight months?

We’re going to help immediately

The mother remarried and moved to a different city. The courts have tried for a year to force her to return with no success. We plan to confront the system which failed these children but for now, we want to make sure they are safe and have food to eat. Our volunteers will visit them within days with food, warm clothes, medicine and anything else they need until a solution is found.


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