The 3rd ‘Evyenios Voulgaris’ Scholarship Programme for Advanced Studies in Orthodox Spiritual Life and Theology

Basilica News Agency - Aurelian Iftimiu - 1/6/21 The Saint Maximos the Greek Institute, with the support of the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopaidi, is introducing the ‘Evyenios Voulgaris’ Scholarship Programme. Evyenios Voulgaris (1716-1806) served as principal of the Athoniada School, which had been established by the Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi. In his day, he was the greatest ...

Watch Now – DEFINITELY ENDANGERED Armenian Language As Intangible Cultural Heritage of Artsakh

Armenian Church UK - 1/6/21 Lecture by Dr. Jasmine of Dun-Tragut Centre for the study of the Christian East Armenian studies, Dept. of Biblical Studies and the Church History at the University of Salzburg Austria. Austrian Committee for the Preservation of the Armenian Cultural heritage in Artsakh and Azerbaijan. Source: