150 Years Since The Setting Up Of The University Of Bucharest



Church of Romania – 21/7/14

On Wednesday, 16 July 2014, the University of Bucharest celebrated 10 years since its setting up. The event took place at the Law Faculty in the presence of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, of the state officials, of the academic and university world.

To start with, the rector of the University of Bucharest, Mircea Dumitru spoke about the role of this institution in the service of Romanian society.

“Throughout one century and a half of existence the academic community of the University of Bucharest acted to build a modern strong, flexible and dynamic institution, able to ensure a high education of best quality, to achieve scientific research at the most exigent international standards, to contribute to the modernisation and consolidation of the democratic processes in the Romanian society. Due to the common endeavour of the members of its academic community, the University of Bucharest succeeded in accomplishing its mission to form successive generations of young people in the spirit of the respect for truth and of the scientific knowledge, of the attachment to the national values and to the human universal ones”, Mircea Dumitru, Rector of the University of Bucharest said, according to Trinitas Radio station.

On the occasion of this anniversary time, the Patriarch of Romania delivered the speech entitled “The University – laboratory of the dynamic sciences and communication of the perennial values”, out of which we present a fragment below: “The University has the purpose or vocation to form competent enterprising personalities, promoting knowledge for action useful not only for school, but also for the quality of the human life in society. In this sense, we appreciate the desire of the University of Bucharest to contribute to the intensification of the academic cooperation from national and international point of view, in view of communicating the values of knowledge which increase the quality and dignity of human life. The University has the vocation to be a support of the dialogue and of valuing the reflection in the meeting between science, philosophy, theology, art and culture. The recuperation and valuing of the inter-disciplinary perspective of knowledge for the benefit of human life are badly needed especially in the context of today’s world, when we witness an accelerated fragmentation of the fields of science and hyper-specialisation of education. On this occasion the numismatic issue and postal stamps were presented dedicated by the National Bank of Romania and Romfilatelia to the University of Bucharest.

The event ended with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

Set up through Decree no 765 of 4/16 July 1864 of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza and claiming to be the successor of the high educational structures inaugurated by the Princely Academy (1694), the University of Bucharest has decisively contributed to the development and modernisation of the Romanian education, science and culture.

The University of Bucharest is one of the most important high education institutions of Romania. During its 150 years of existence it has reached a solid national and international prestige. Famous schools have been affirmed in all the fields of the academic and scientific activity. Many of the graduates of the University affirmed themselves as outstanding personalities: professors and researchers at the majority of the great universities of the world, members of the Romanian Academy and of some academies of other countries, writers, politicians (MP-s, ministers, prime ministers, presidents), diplomats, etc. Usually, the University of Bucharest is considered both in the country and abroad, as the most important institution of education, research and culture of Romania. Many generations of students and professors succeeded in imposing the University as one of the institutions of reference for the entire Romanian society, having been the first Romanian institution present in the first 600 universities of the world. The opinion poll made in 2007 by the well known publication “The Times Higher Education Supllement”, placed this academic institution among the first 500 ones of the world, having been the only university of the country present in this prestigious international top.