Research Book on Mar Alvares Julius & the Independent Catholic Church Presented to the Goan State Central Library

Ben Kunjacko – OCP-MARP – 23/11/18

Panjim-Goa: A copy of the book titled ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ (authored by Dr. Ajesh T. Philip and George Alexander. Published and released worldwide by OCP Publications) was presented to Goa State Central Library (Krishnadas Shama Central Library). Mr. Orlando Lopez (OCP Associate) presented a copy of the book to Mrs. Maria Ana Paiva (in-charge of the Rare & Goan History Book section of the Library) in the presence of the library staff. On behalf of Dr. Carlos M. Fernandes (the Curator of the Library), Mrs. Paiva thanked the Research Board of OCP-MARP.

On the Book
This book is a result of the ongoing research efforts on Mar Alvares Julius and his companions since 2009. It is one of the first ever research thesis on Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Mar Julius, Archbishop Rene Vilatte, their associates and the Independent Catholic Church of Ceylon, Goa, and India. The book was released in partnership with the Ecumenical Relations of the Malankara Church in the month of August 2018 at Sofia Center, Old Seminary, Kottayam. The book was released by Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Nicholovos of the Malankara Orthodox Church and Chorbishop Kurikose Moolyil of the Syriac Orthodox Church in India.

An original photo of Mar Alvares was also located from the library by the OCP-MARP research board, which was earlier published in the MARP portal.

On the Goan State Central Library
It is the oldest library in India which was established on 15th September 1832. Goa State Central Library was renamed as Krishnadas Shama Central Library in 2012. The library boasts several modern facilities and has a large number of books (in several languages) in their collection. It will be interesting to note that the oldest book in the State library is more than five hundred years old. It is home to several old Goan newspapers as well. This establishment is a real treat to book lovers.