Organizational Structure

The Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (OCP) Pan-Orthodox Christian Society is a registered organization under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. Founded in 2007, as Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum, the organization underwent major changes in 2010. The apex structure is the General Body which elects the Executive Council consisting of ten members which control the activities of the Society. The General Body also elects the Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. As per the decision of the Executive Council and approved by the General Body an administrative mechanism is instituted for Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society such as General Body, Executive Council, OCP Foundation, OCP Delegate Council, OCP Representation Council, OCP Secretariat, OCP Departments, OCP Associate Council  & OCP External Observer Council.

The General Body

The General Body is conveyed once in a year and it elects the Executive Council members including Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasure. It approves all major proposals and decisions concerning the life of OCP Society. It is conveyed once in a year as well at times of extraordinary needs.

The Executive Council

The Governing council consists of ten board members including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive Council is elected for a period of three years. The Executive Council controls the activities of the OCP Society.

OCP Foundation

OCP Foundation was created with special interest of the Executive Council approved by the General Body. OCP Foundation aims at promoting Orthodox Christian Faith and Pan-Orthodox Concilliar Unity. It also aims at honoring individuals, churches and organizations that have made outstanding contribution to Orthodox Christianity, Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity and society in general through awards orders and honors. OCP Foundation is under the direct supervision of the Executive Council and all decision shall be finalized by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary.
Foundation Website –

The Secretariat of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (OCP Secretariat)

The OCP Secretariat is a combination of Delegate Council, Representation Council and OCP Departments. The Secretariat oversees the activities of the various departments and the Delegate Council. OCP Secretary along with other department directors and Delegate Council members functions as the OCP Secretariat and it is responsible and functions according to the directions of the OCP Executive Council.

The OCP Secretariat comprises of members from OCP Delegate Council, OCP Representation Council, and OCP Associate Council.

The Delegate Council

The delegate council consists of selected representatives from different Orthodox Churches worldwide. The delegate council proposes recommendations and suggestions to OCP Executive Council for betterment of the OCP Society. They act as ambassadors, advisers, correspondents and consultants of OCP Society, promoting the mission through word of mouth, e-media, field work and other relevant activities.

The OCP Representation Council

This Council consists of individual and group representations from different Orthodox Churches, Orthodox organizations, Pan-Orthodox institutions, Seminaries, Academic institutions, Universities to Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society.

OCP Associate Council

Associate Council consists of individuals or organizations that associate with activities of the OCP Society. They are divvied into global and regional associates, research associates who work closely with the dept. of Church research and studies and Friends of OCP who support all activities of our Pan-Orthodox NGO movement.

Global and Regional Associates

Research Associates

Friends of OCP

Departments of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE

Various departments are constituted for the smooth functioning of the Society and Media Network. OCP Executive council members, OCP delegate council members, and OCP Associates provide their services simultaneously for each department depending upon the need and tiers skills. The Departments may hire external people as employees as per need and requirement.

OCP departments are namely Department of External Church Relations, Department of Public Relations, Department of Finance, Department of Publications, Department of Church Research and Studies, Department of Charity and Social Welfare, Department of Legal Support and Department of Technical Support.

The members of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE are Orthodox Christian professionals from different disciplines who contribute their time and resources. The members are distributed worldwide representing different Orthodox Churches, organization, communities and so on.

Department of External Church Relations

Dept. Director: George Alexander (Secretary and Spokesperson)
The department maintains relationship with Orthodox Churches, pan-orthodox agencies institutions and also relations with non-Orthodox Churches and organizations.


This Desk maintains relations with Orthodox churches.


This Desk maintains relations with non-orthodox churches.


This is the desk for maintaining relations with different religious organizations.

Department of Public Relations & Information Services

Dept. Director – Vipin Varghese
This department is responsible for promoting the entire website via internet and other sources. The department headed by the OCP Secretary and Spokesperson use email, advertisements, print media, word of mouth and other sources to promote the website. The department is responsible for regularly updating the entire website. The department Operates OCP Media Network and OCP News Service also produces advertisements, brochures and booklets for public relation activities.


OCP Media Network is the world largest Pan-Orthodox Christian portal since 2007. It provides news articles, information on Orthodox Churches, resources on Orthodox faith and photographs from various Orthodox Churches. It is updated regularly with news, photos, articles, and events from the world of Orthodoxy. OCP Media Network updates news and events from Eastern, Oriental and Other Orthodox Churches with equal importance so that readers get a glimpse of all major events in a single blog. It also broadcast exclusive news and photographs via OCP News Service.


This is the News Service division of OCP Media Network which broadcast exclusive news and events from the world of Orthodoxy.

OCP Editorial Board, Global Correspondents and Social Media Panel

This panel consists of editors, correspondents and social media experts who make their valuable contributions as news items, articles, research works, photos, event coverage etc.

OCP Social Media Presence

Official Facebook Fan Page

Orthodoxy Community

Pan-Orthodox Movement

OCP Amharic Service


Google Plus


YouTube Channel

Department of Finance

Director: Abraham P Koshy (Treasurer)
Chief Financial Consultants – Merin & Co Chartered Accountants

This department is under the supervision of the OCP Treasurer and is responsible for raising funds to implement activities of the Society. The department is also responsible for filing annual accounts, balance sheet and other important financial documents with the concerned government authorities.

Department of Church Research and Studies

Dept. Director: Kisha D Dorado
This department initiates studies and research on Orthodox Christianity, inter-orthodox policies, ecumenical relations, inter-faith relations. This department also engages in archaeological studies, Orthodox theology, Orthodox excavations, history, art, icons, traditions etc. This Department operates various institutes and projects namely OCRC (Orthodox Church Resource Centre), Metropolitan Alvaruz Julius Research Project (MARP), Orthodox Christian Educational (OCEI), Addis Ababa Conference Portal (AACP) .


OCRC features articles on Journeys to Orthodoxy, Orthodox apologetics, Inter-Orthodox documents, Orthodox-non Orthodox documents, OCP documents and various study resources. A special web page is dedicated to OCRC in OCP Media Network.


MARP is an exclusive project promoting the works and life of the legendary Metropolitan Alvares Julius of Orthodox Church in India. The project intends to promote research and publish known and unknown aspects of Metropolitan Julius, his life and mission.


OCEI project is an attempt to build a comprehensive list of Orthodox Christian higher educational institutions worldwide. It includes theological seminaries, institutions, academics, University faculties, Universities, iconography institutes etc. Related areas to Orthodox Christianity like Byzantine studies, Coptology, Armenian studies, eastern Christian studies, Hellenic Studies are also included. OCEI is the largest list of Orthodox academic institutions published till date.


An Exclusive Portal dedicated to the the Addis Ababa Conference, which was a historic event held in 1965 that brought together the Primates of five ancient Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Department of Charity and Social Welfare

Dept. Director: Fr Subin Varghese (Vice-Chairman)
This Department is also under the supervision of the Vice-Chairman who looks after welfare activities for the poor and needy. It works in special way where deserving persons are provided help from the benefactor and OCP Society act as a mediator. Vice-Chairman personally performs the necessary inquiry to confirm the genuineness of deserving persons.

Department of Publications (OCP Publications)

Dept. Director: Varghese John Thottapuzha
This department is responsible for publishing articles and other documents in the OCP Media Network. The publication department is responsible for collecting and publishing articles, documents, photographs both religious and non-religious in line with objectives and mission of the Society. It also engages in publishing books, magazines and other useful resources.

Department of Human Resources and Administration

Director – Jacob Mathew

Human resources department caters all types of internal support with regards to human capital management, and day to day administration.

Department of Legal Support

Director & Chief Legal Advisor – Prasad Abraham 
This department provides OCP Society with legal consultations.

Department of Information Technology & Technical Support

Dept. Director & Project Manager: Boaz John

Headed by the Project Manager, this department is responsible for maintaining the Society and Media Network website, websites of all institutes and project and the entire technical support for the Society.

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OCP External Observer Committee

The Committee consists of individuals and organizations from Non-Orthodox Churches and Interfaith communities with observer status in the Society.