Administration – Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

OCP General Body

The General Body is conveyed once in an year and it elects the Executive Council members including Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasure.

OCP Executive Council/Committee

The Governing council consists of ten board members among which. The Executive Council is elected for a period of three years. The Executive Council controls the activities of the OCP Society and Media Network.

Executive Council Members

Rt. Rev. Chorbishop Dr. Kyriakose Thottupuram
Position: Chancellor
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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An Eminent Orthodox Christian Scholar, Orator and Writer, Chorbishop Dr Kyriakose is the major inspiration behind the founding of OCP Society.
Born in Kerala Chorbishop Kyirakose moved USA in 1971. He Founded the first Malayali Congregation/ Church in Chicago in 1971, which eventually became the first canonical Indian Malankarese Orthodox Church in North America- St. Thomas Orthodox Church of Chicago, the mother Church of all Indian Orthodox Churches in Chicago. Ordained as a Priest in 1970 he was elevated to the rank of Chorbishop in 1986 by His Holiness the Catholicos of the East, Basilius Mar Thoma Matthews II.
Chorbishop has two Bachelor’s Degrees: Philosophy & Classical Studies, and Christian Social Ministry (Pastoral Counseling)a Graduate Diploma in Theology, three Master’s degrees: M.A. in Philosophy, M.A. in Theology and M.Ed. (Education), Ph.D. in Philosophy –Epistemology and D.D., Honoris Causa from Notre Dame de Lafayette University.
Chorbishop has founded St. Thomas Orthodox Church, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ecumenical Council of Kerala Churches, International Education Consultants and Evaluators of Illinois, Inc., American Academy of Comparative-International Education, Inc, Voice of Orthodoxy, A Quarterly Theological Journal and Voice of Orthodoxy Foundation (the Charitable wing of Voice of Orthodoxy).
He has authored more than twenty five books and hundreds of articles.
Awards & Recognitions: Mundelein Merit Award, Loyola University Doctoral Scholarship, Schmidt Foundation Merit Scholar, Taylor Scholarship for High Academic Achievement, Honorary Doctorate (D.D.) in Theology from Notre Dame, Distinguished Public Service in Religion Award from Citizens Cultural Foundation of Chicago (along with Ambassador Sanchez), Educational Leadership Award from Illinois Bell, Educational Achievement and Leadership Award from National Reference Institute, Inclusion in Who’s Who in American Education- 1992 & 1993, Inclusion in Who’s Who in the Mid-West 1996, Inclusion in Who’s Who in America- 1997, Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World- 1998, Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World- 1999, Inclusion in Who’s Who in America- 2000, Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World- 2000.
Mr. K C Jacob
Position: Chairman
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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K C Jacob joined Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE in 2008. Having several years of Experience in Banking and fiance he focuses on the Orthodox Church Management, literature and consultancy. He serves as financial adviser to several Orthodox institutions.
Mr. Subin Varghese
Position: Vice-Chairman
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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One of the Co-founder of OCP Society Subin is specialized in Church history and Liturgy with special emphasis on Syrian and Indian Malankara Orthodox Churches. A graduate in Engineering and Social Work, he contributes various article on Orthodox faith and liturgy.
Mr. George Alexander
Position: Secretary
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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The founder of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, George Alexander is a graduate in English Language and Literature and holds a Post Graduate Degree in Social Work from Loyola College-Kerala University and a Minor Research Degree in Social Sciences from Mahatma Gandhi University. He is a writer, orator and human resource trainer. He already has three books and Management, Orthodox Unity, Inter-Orthodox relations.
Mr. Abraham P Koshy
Position: Treasurer
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Abraham P Koshy is graduate in Zoolgy. he has several years of experience in working with Orthodox Youth organizations and other ecumenical organizations. He is an active State level delegate of YMCA. An active event coordinator he is involved in several ecumenical activities.
Mr. Boaz John
Position: Member
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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One of the Co-founders of OCP Society, Boaz is a Post graduate in Engineering from Pondicherry Central University. He heads the OCP Department of Technical Support since its founding in 2007. A phenomenal technocrat, he is the master brain behind OCP Media Network, websites and all technical aspects of the Society.
Mr. Soney Cherian
Position: Member
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Soney has several years of serving in Orthodox Youth Movement. A graduate in Engineering he has also acquired a Post graduation in Business Administration from Mahatma Gandhi University. He serves as the Assistant General Manger in HDFC bank.
Fr. Thomas P John
Position: Member
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Fr Thomas P John has been a continuous motivation for OCP Society. He has served at the office of Catholicos Baselius Marthoma Mathews II has abundance of experience as Parish Priest. He has completed his studies from Orthodox Theological Seminary (OTS). A a promising orator and writer Fr Thomas presently serves at the St Gregorious Indian Orthodox Church in London.

Mr. Jacob Mathew
Position: Member
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Jacob Mathew has more than twenty five years of experience in development sector. A Post graduate from Indore School of Social Sciences, he has worked as consultant to World Bank and several reputed organization. He has headed the Participatory Forest Management division of the Kerala Forest Department for more than twelve years. Presently he serves with urban development programme of the the Government Kerala.
Mrs. (Dr.) Mariyama Jacob
Position: Member
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Mariama Jacob has several years of experience in teaching in University Colleges. She holds a doctorate in Chemistry. She is actively involved in Orthodox Sunday School Movement, Orthodox Women Association. She a leading resource person in Orthodox faith and practices.


Commission for the Promotion of Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith

This Commission is constituted with special decision of the Executive Council. It is directly under the supervision of the Executive Council and aim at promotion of Orthodox Christian faith, defending Orthodox Christian rights, installing Orthodox Christian awards, honoring personalities, promoting dialogues and negotiations between Orthodox Churches etc. Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary together makes the final decisions with regard to the Commission.

As per the decision of the Executive Council and approved by the General Body the following administrative Mechanism is instituted for Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

OCP  Advisory Board

OCP Delegates and Ambassadors

This board consists of several selected representatives from different Orthodox Churches worldwide. The board of Advisers and Ambassadors make recommendations and suggestions to OCP Executive Council for betterment of the Society and Media Network. The Panel of advisers also act as delegates, correspondents and consultants of OCP, promoting the mission through word of mouth, e-media and other relevant sources.

Lejit Mathew George
Position: Chief Adviser
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Lejith was the founding Chairman of OCP Society (2007-2010). He is presently the Chief Adviser who heads the Advisory Panel.
Yonas Garedew
Church: Ethopian Orthodox Church

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Yonas is the first representative of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to OCP Society. He holds a BSC degree in software engineering from Microlink Information Technology College.He has experience working at EOTC Mahibere Kidusan IT Dept as coordinator and System designer.
Mikhael Konstantinus Ronas Pardianto
Church: Indonesian Orthodox Church

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Mikhael represents the Indonesian Orthodox Church (Ecumenical Patriarchate). He holds an International Law Degree from Pancasila University and has done philosophical Student at Driyarkara Philosophical College. He serves as brokerages Staff at Phillip Securities Indonesia as well as Insurance Consultant at Allianz Indonesia & Chartis Insurance Indonesia.
Tamari Tsintsadze
Church: Georgian Orthodox Church

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Tamari represents Georgian Orthodox Church and she is presently doing International Business Studies at Algonquin College Canada.
Sujith Neduvanikulangara Varghese
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Sujith has been supporting OCP since its founding. He has several years of working in the engineering sector in Middle East and India. He belongs to the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church.
Dr. Rubina Khachatryan
Church: Armenian Orthodox Church

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Representing the Armenian Apostolic Church to OCP, Rubina is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with Masters of Veterinary Medicine.She has worked as a leading veterinarian doctor at the clinic of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Yerevan Republic of Armenia and presently serving as the Director at Coalition of Pandas. She is an active Member of the Youth Movement of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese.
Amir Ramzi
Church: Coptic Orthodox Church

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Amir is the first representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church to OCP Society. He works as a civil lawyer and is actively involved in the youth affairs of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Luxor, Egypt.
Lijo Alias Joseph
Church: Syriac Orthodox Church

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Lijo represents the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church.
Daniel Malyon
Church: British Orthodox Church

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Daniel represents the British Orthodox Church. He has acquired Bachelors of Arts in Religious and Theological Studies from Cardiff University, Secondary Religious Studies from The University of Wales- Trinity Saint David and has done Orthodox Studies at University of Winchester. He serves as a teacher of Religious Education at Cardinal Pole RC School. He has also taught Religious Studies and Philosophy at St Columba’s College, St Albans.
Solomon Mengist
Church: Ethiopian Orthodox Church

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Solomon is the second representative of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to OCP Society. He also serves as the correspondent of OCP Media Network in Ethiopia. A graduate from Gondar University, he works as Senior Reporter, English Educational Programmes Section and also as the Reporter, News and Current Affairs Section of the English Service at the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA).
Ann Maria Husser
Church: Orthodox Church in America

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A graduate from Pacific Lutheran University with a BA in Social Work and a Minor in Sociology, Ann Maria has worked a social worker for non-profit organizations in the area of welfare rights and homelessness. Representing the Orthodox Church in America her areas of interest is Orthodoxy in America, its development and challenges.
Ajesh T Philip
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Ajesh Philip has acquired his Masters in Botany and bachelors in Education and teaching. He is currently perusing Ph.D on Ethno-gynecological studies on the tribes of Idukki,Kerala-India at Gandhigram Rural University. His areas of interest and Orthodox Church history. He has several years of experience serving youth organizations of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church.
Anca Sirbu
Church: Romanian Orthodox Church

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Anca graduated from University of Bucharest in Orthodox Theology and she represents the Romanian Orthodox Church to OCP Society. She has acquired a a diploma in Sacred Art. She works with Mosaic studio as Church and Icon painter.
Kisha D Dorodo
Church: Serbian Orthodox Church

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Kisha represents the Serbian Orthodox Church. She has acquired Masters in Law and a graduation in Literature. A bibliophile, she is interested and devoted to ethnology, anthropology, archaeology. She is also the member of the National Chamber of Technical and Scientific translators and Interpreters and has attained first level of IPRA PR management.
Prasad Abraham Varghese
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Prasad is an active faithful of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church. He has graduated in economics from Mahatma Gandhi University as well as acquired his Law degree. He is an elected member of the Malankara Association and serves as the editorial board of the Orthodox Christin Youth Movement magazine of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church. he has abundance of experience working with Orthodox Youth and educational ministries like OCYM and MGOCSM. He also functions as the legal adviser to the OCP Society.
Stojan Mihajlovski

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Stojan has been supporting OCP Society activities since its revamping in 2010. He acts as an external associate of the Society.
Prakash Varghese
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Prakash is a post graduate in business administration specialized in finance and marketing. He works in marketing and sales division in power and Gas sector across Gulf and Middle East. His areas of interest are Orthodox faith , theology and pan-orthodox unity.
John Anton
Church: Coptic Orthodox Church

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John is the special correspondent of OCP in EGYPT. He has finished studies at the School of Law. He is actively involved in the youth affairs of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo.


OCP Associates

OCP Associates are external well wishers who support its mission and works. The external associates of OCP does not have any voting rights.

Suraj Iype
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Suraj Ipe has served as OCP Associate since its founding. He is a devoted member of the Orthodox Church in India. A specialized Instrumentation Engineer, Suraj works with GAIL India Ltd.
Varghese John Thottapuzha
Church: Indian Malankara Orthodox Church

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Varghese John’s areas of interest include Oriental Orthodox history and development. He is the fist person to produce a draft protocol for the Syrian and Indian Orthodox Churches aimed at healing the Schism. He works in the research editorial wing of one of the leading Indian Daily. He has more than 15 years of experience in journalism and writing. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Gandhian Studies from Mahatma Ghandhi University. He regularly contribute articles on Oriental Orthodoxy to several publications.


The OCP Secretariat

The OCP Secretariat is constituted with different departments. The Secretariat oversees the activities of the various departments. OCP Secretary along with other department directors functions as the OCP Secretariat and it is responsible and functions according to the directions of the OCP Executive Council.

OCP Secretariat Members: George Alexander, Abrahm P Koshy, Kisha D Dorado, Subin Varghese, Varghese John Thottapuzha and Boaz John.

OCP Departments

Various departments are constituted for the smooth functioning of the Society and Media Notwork. OCP Executive council members and OCP  Advisory Board and Ambassadors, and OCP Associates provide their services simultaneously n each of the departments depending upon the need and tiers skills. The Departments may hire external people as employees as per need and requirement.

  • Department of External Church Relations

    The department maintains relationship with Orthodox Churches, pan-orthodox agencies institutions and also relations with non-Orthodox Churches and organizations.

    • Desk for Inter-Orthodox Relations

      This is the most important desk which handles communications and relations with Orthodox Churches, Pan-orthodox organizations and Orthodox institutions.

    • Desk for Ecumenical Relations

      This Desk maintains relations with non-orthodox churches.

    • Desk for Inter-Faith Relations

      This is the desk for maintaining relations with different religious organizations.

    Secretary & Spokesperson: George Alexander

    External Church Relations Executive: Soney Cherian

  • Department of Public Relations

    This is responsible for prompting the entire website via internet and other sources. The department headed by the OCP Secretary and Spokesperson use email, advertisements, print media, word of mouth and other sources to promote the website. The department is responsible for regularly updating the entire website which includes news blog, articles and multimedia. The department Operates OCP Media Network and OCP News Service.

    • OCP Media Network

      OCP Media Network provides news articles, information on Orthodox Churches, resources on Orthodox faith and photographs from various Orthodox Churches.It is updated regularly with news, photos, articles, and events from the world of Orthodoxy.OCP media Network updates news and events both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches with equal importance so that readers get glimpse of all major events in a single blog. It also broadcast exclusive news and photographs via OCP News Service.

    • OCP News Service

      The News Service division of OCP Media Network which broadcast exclusive news and events from the world of Orthodoxy.


      Yonas Gredrew (Ethiopia and Africa Region), Solomon Mengist (Japan and Asia Region), Liju Cherian (India & Gulf Region ), John Anton (Special Correspondent – Egypt), Daniel Malyon (United Kingdom & Ireland), Prakash Varghese (United Arab Emirates & Middle East), Kisha D Dorado (Serbia, Balkan and East Europe Region), Mitrophan Chin (China), Ann Maria ( USA), Vipin Varghese (Canada).

    Public Relations Executive: Abraham P Koshy

  • Department of Finance

    This department is under the supervision of the OCP Treasurer and is responsible for raising funds to implement the activities of the OCP Society and  Media Network.

    Director: Abrahm P Koshy (Treasurer)

  • Department of Church Research and Studies

    This department initiates studies and research on Orthodox Christianity, inter-orthodox policies, ecumenical relations, inter-faith relations. This department also engages in archeological studies, Orthodox theology, Orthodox excavations, history, art, icons, traditions etc. This Department operates Orthodox Church Resource Center (OCRC)

    • OCRC

      OCRC features articles on Journeys to Orthodoxy, Orthodox apologetics, Inter-Orthodox documents, Orthodox-non Orthodox documents, OCP documents and various study resources. A special web page is dedicated to OCRC in OCP Media Network.

    Director: Kisha D Dorado

    Consultants: Ajesh T Philip, Anca Sirbu

  • Department of Charity and Social Welfare

    This Department is also under the supervision of the Vice-Chairman who looks after welfare activities for the poor and needy. It works in special way where deserving persons are  provided help from the benefactor and OCP Society act as a mediator. Vice-Chairman personally performs the necessary inquiry to confirm the genuineness of the deserving persons.

    Director: Subin Varghese (Vice-Chairman)

    Consultant: Ann Maria Husser, Jacob Mathew

  • Department of Publications

    This department is in charge of publishing articles and other documents in the OCP Society and Media Network. The publication department is responsible in collecting and publishing articles, documents, both religious and nonreligious in line with objectives and mission of the Society. It also engages in publishing books, magazines and other reading resources.

    Director: Varghese John Thottapuzha

    Contributing Editors: Prof. E S John

  • Department of Technical Support

    Headed by the Project Manager, this department is responsible for maintaining the Society and Media Network website and all its technical aspects.

    Director & Project Manager: Boaz John

    Special Consultant and App Developer: Febin John James


Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society – Organizational Chart

 The OCP General Body

OCP Executive Council/Committee






Executive Council Members

(Commission for the Promotion of Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith)

OCP  Advisory Board and Ambassadors

First Ambassador & Chief Adviser

OCP Ambassadors and Advisers

 OCP Associates

 OCP Secretariat

 OCP Departments

Department of External Church Relations, Department of Public Relations, Department of Finance, Department of Publications, Department of Church Research and Studies, Department of Charity and Social Welfare, Department of Technical Support.