Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE began as Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum in the month of June 2007. Inspired by Rt. Rev Kyriakose Thottupuram of Chicago, George Alexander, Subin Varghese, Boaz John, formed the OBL Forum. Forum website was inaugurated by His Grace Mor Gregorious Gabriel of Trivandrum at Chicago in the presence of Chorbishop Kyriakose Thottupuram during the month of July 2007 at Chicago, USA.

Initially, it stayed as a forum broadcasting Orthodox Christian news and the unique nature of broadcasting news comprising both Byzantine and Oriental Orthodox Churches gained worldwide readership. A Board was constituted which consisted of Chancellor, Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary.

In 2010, Orthodoxy Beyond Limits was renamed as Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society with registration under the Indian Societies Registration Act. K. C. Jacob became chairman, and a 10-member governing board was formed. The administrative structure of the Society expanded with further structures.

In 2012 Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society celebrated five glorious years of United Orthodoxy Worldwide.

In 2014 the Society celebrated 7 glorious years of Pan-Orthodox Unity services.

Meanwhile, the Society continued to expand its services through increased Pan-Orthodox news service, research projects, publications, visiting and receiving the various Orthodox delegation, networking with various Orthodox and secular organizations.

In 2017, OCP Society celebrated ten years of Pan-Orthodox unity services worldwide.

Since 2007, the society has engaged in several Pan-Orthodox Christian activities, which include meeting various Orthodox delegations, publishing books, campaign for persecuted Christian minorities, attending conferences, rigorous fieldwork research initiatives and so on. Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE is a major player in the Pan-Orthodox Christian movement.

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January- December 2018OCP Secretary George Alexander Received by Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

OCP Society Honors Serbian Orthodox Author Dragana Atanaskovic with the Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala

OCP Secretary Visits Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade

OCP Icon of St Gregorious of Parumala Presented to Serbian Orthodox Academy of Fine Arts & Conservation

Copy of Orthodox Dilemma Presented to Libraries of the Serbian Patriarchate & Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade

OCP Secretary Visits Information Services Department of the Serbian Patriarchate

OCP Secretary George Alexander appointed to the Academic Board of Occidental Studies Institute (OSI)

Triennial Anniversary of the historic Meeting of the OCP Delegation with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Third Edition of Orthodox Dilemma launched

January – December 2017OCP Media Network ranked 12th among the best Orthodox Blogs & Web Portals

OCP Delegation Visits Russian Orthodox Community in Arabian Gulf

OCP Secretariat Condemns Terrorist Attack in St. Petersburg: Stand in Solidarity with the Russian People

Second Edition of Orthodox Dilemma launched

OCP Secretariat Declares Support for Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II of Antioch & All East

OCP Secretary Speaks at Sharjah St Gregarious Orthodox Church Conference.
January- February 2016 OCP Delegation Meets Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia: Urges Pan-Oriental Orthodox Unity

Second Edition of “Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity” published

OCP Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala Venerated in Cameroon

Focus Ecumenical Journal Features Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society

OCP Treasurer Abraham Koshy Meets Bishop Youssef of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

OCP Delegation Honours Holy Martyr’s Armenian Orthodox Church of Abu Dhabi with the Indian Icon of St.Peter & St. Thomas

OCP Treasurer Meets Archbishop Makarios of Qatar (Jerusalem Patriarchate)

OCP Delegation Visits Fr Mesrob Sarkissian – the Armenian Catholicosal Vicar of UAE & Qatar

OCP Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala Displayed at SYGG16 Leadership Program in Netherlands

OCP Secretariat Calls for Extensive Dialogue Between the Church of Thozhiyoor and the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church

OCP Secretary Honors Writer Benyamin with the Order of Three Saints

OCP Delegation Visits Metropolitan-Primate Stephen Vattapara of the Anglican Church of India

OCP Secretariat Condemns Attack on Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II & the Christian Community in Qamishli

OCP Chancellor Slams Vatican Ecumenism & Uniate Movement in response of Uniate actions in the Indian-Subcontinent

OCP Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala Venerated in France by the Eglise Syro-Orthodoxe-Francophone Church

The Orthodox Dilemma, the third book from the house of OCP Publications was released. The OCP Secretariat calls for Pan-Oriental Orthodox Council.

November - December 2015OCP Delegation took part in Pan-Orthodox Chrostian gathering organized by the St. George Indian Orthodox Cathedral in Abu Dhabi –UAE. The Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society as represented by Prakash Varghese (Delegate of UAE, Gulf and Levant), Monu John (Special Envoy of the OCP Secretariat) and Nisha Jacob (OCP Associate). On behalf of the OCP family, Prakash and Monu presented Metropolitan Mar Elias of Brahmavar with the trio icon commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the 50th anniversary of the holy Adds Ababa Conference and the 51st anniversary of the Joint Commission for the Theological Dialogue between Eastern Orthodox Churches and Oriental Orthodox Churches. The Cathedral community was presented with OCP Icon of St Gregorious of Parumala.
October 2015OCP Secretary George Alexander visits Sri Lanka and meets with Anglican and Roman Catholic Prelates. He also visits several important churches of late lamented Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius. OCP Delegation meet with Metropolitan Mariam Philipose of the Englise Syro-Frankophone Church of France (An Unrecognized Oriental Orthodox Church in Indian-Syriac tradition). The OCP Icon of St Gregory gifted to the Metropolitan is venerated in France by the Church community.
March - July 2015OCP continue to cooperate with several Orthodox Churches and organizations. Exclusive news items continue to roll on OCP Media Network. OCP establishes working contract with Sitrainfotect for web solutions. MARP publishes exclusive articles on the legendary Metropolitan Alvares Julius and also made several important archaeological discoveries.
February 2015 OCP delegation makes historic meeting with His Holiness Ignatius Aphrem II and the Syriac Orthodox delegation at Puthekurizhu. OCP becomes the first Pan-Orthodox Christian organization to meet Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II. OCP Media Network becomes one of the largest Pan-Orthodox Christian portal with over two million monthly readers worldwide.
December 2014OCP-MARP initiative rediscover the Cathedral of Alvares Julius in Colombo, Sri Lanka and establishes contacts with descents of the Singhalese Orthodox Christians. In the same month OCP delegation met with Metropolitan Yulios Geevarghese Pulikotill of Ahmadabad of the Indian Orthodox Church presented him with the first premium edition of the pan-orthodox publication. Special envoy of the OCP Secretariat Monu John visits Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo and meet with Prelates.
November 2014OCP Delegation met with Prelates of Syriac Orthodox and Assyrian Churches in India. The delegation had audience with Metropolitan Themothes of Kottayam and Mor Severious Archbishop-Metropolitan and Primate of the Knanaya Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church and with Metropolitan Mar Aprem of Indian of the Assyrian Apostolic Catholic Church. In the same month OCP Publications released the first pan-orthodox publication titled Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity: Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches’
October 2014A presentation and lecture on the Pan-Orthodox activities of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society was held at the Westphalian Wilhelm University Münster (W.W.U.) on 19th September 2014. The Conference was part of the inter-university study programme on “Christianity in Asia” European Summer School – Intensive Study Programme (I.S.P.) The lecture was made by Ms Maria Sidiropoulou (M. Th. Student – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.T.H.) – Greece. The lecture was part of the conference titled “Orthodoxy presence in Asia: Churches and NGO’s (Korea, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Japan, and India)” hosted by the Institute for Missiology and the Study of Theologies beyond Europe. The talk was made during the Student Research Presentation session. The Thematic Unit was ‘Cross-Cultural Flows and Pan-Asian Movements of Asian Christianity’.
September 2014In the month of September the OCP Foundation honoured Dr Christine Chaillot, the world famous pan-orthodox activity. The even took place at Kottayam in Kerala were Christine was presented with the Defender of Orthodoxy Award for he outstanding contributions toward Orthodox unity dialogue.
June 2014In the month of June the OCP delegation participated in the all UAE National Ethiopian Youth conference. OCP Secretary addressed the conference. Addis Ababa Conference portal featuring the details of the historic Oriental Orthodox meeting was inaugurated by the Ethiopian orthodox Prelates.
May 2014During the month of May 2014, OCP Secretary on the invitation of Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) to speak at the Mass Media Conference which was held in Thessaloniki Greece. Secretary George Alexander spoke on the subject ‘Seeking United Orthodox Christian Witness through Mass Media’. He urged for conciliar unity between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches and called for creating international Orthodox Mass Media Centre. He was the only speaker at the conference from the ancient Oriental Orthodox communion as well as of the Indian origin representing India where he officially represented OCP Society. He also met with several Orthodox Prelates, journalist and dignitaries.
February 2014During the first week on 1 February 2014, Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society Delegation received the representatives of various Oriental Orthodox Churches (Coptic, Armenian, Indian and Ethiopian) at Samanvaya Ecumenical of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church. OCP delegates urged for increasing the phase of Oriental Orthodox Unity and creating a permanent secretariat for administration needs.
November 2013OCP Media Networks reach two million regular monthly readers worldwide making it the most popular and largest Orthodox Christian News Portal. OCP delegate Ajesh T Phillip meets with Metropolitan Diascorous Yuhanon of Chennai of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church discuss about the action plans to be implemented to revamp the community of St Gregorious of Parumala in Dindigul.
October 2013OCP Secretary George Alexander pays official visit to Ethiopia, meet Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia, Greek Orthodox Archbishop Petros of Axum, Archbishop Abune Samuel (Head of the Developmental Commissions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) and Archbishop Abune Thimotheos ( Dean of Holy Trinity University College).
May 2013OCP launch MARP – Metropolitan Alvaruz Julius Research Project, an exclusive project on the life and works of the Saintly Archbishop. Chief Coordinator of Mar Ajesh T Phillip visits Metropolitan Pulikottil Geevarghese Yulios of Ahmedabad of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church and acquires official blessing note for the project. OCP publishes –OCEI – Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions worldwide, which is the largest ever list published online till date.
January 2013OCP Media Network reach readership of more than one million making it the world’s largest Orthodox Christian News Portal.
November 2012OCP Society revamps administration constitutes new administrative mechanism.
November 2012OCP Society revamps administration constitutes new administrative mechanism for a second time as per the decision of the executive council and approved by the general body.
October 2012OCP Correspondent Ajesh Philip discovers the lost Orthodox Community of Metropolitan Alvariz Mar Julius and St Gregorios of Parumala.
September 2012OCP Secretary George Alexander lectures at Orthodox Theological Seminary (OCP) of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church and became the youngest person to lecture at OTS in its history till date.
August 2012OCP Society opens Wikipedia Page.
October 2011OCP Media Network reaches one million regular readers monthly worldwide making it the world’s largest Orthodox Christin News Portal.
March 2011, June 2011OCP Chairman meets with Metropolitan Mor Julius Hanna Aydin of the Patriarchal-Vicariate of Northern Germany of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and All East and also with the representative of Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church in Prague.
February 2011OCP Delegation have historic meeting with the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchal delegation to India.
January 2011OCP Media Network reach an average monthly readership of 5 lacks worldwide. OCP establishes working relationships and alliances with a number Orthodox Churches and organizations worldwide.
August 2010OCP Media Network crosses a readership of one lack worldwide.
May 2010Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum Changes to Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society registered under the Societies Registration Act. K C Jacob becomes new Chairman and the governing board is formed with ten representatives. General Body, Executive Council, OCP Delegate Council, OCP Foundation, OCP Secretariat, OCP Associate Council and OCP Departments comes into existence. The website is revamped into two sections- OCP Media Network and OCP Society.
April 2010Forum reaches a readership of 10000.

March 2010Forum submits a number of written suggestions to the heads of Oriental Orthodox Churches with regard to inter Orthodox relations.
February 2010Forum delegation meets with His Holiness Aram I and the delegation form the Armenian Church.
January 2010Forum Delegation meets Metropolitan Abba Seraphim and the members of the Eastern Christian Links at Cochin.
November 2009Forum Delegation makes historic visit to the Brahmavar Orthodox Church and submits report to the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Indian Orthodox Church on the conditions of the Brahmavar Church.
August 2008Forum readership crosses a readership of 5000 per month.
November 2008Forum publish the first ever Orthodox Church Management Book.
February 2008OBL Forum news portal crosses an exclusive readership of 2500.
January 2008Lejith George installed as the first Chairman, George Alexander becomes Secretary.
November 2007Forum crosses 100 exclusive readers per month.
June 2007OBL Forum founded. OBL website inaugurated by Metropolitan Gregorious Gabriel at Chicago. OBL opens one of the first Pan-Orthodox Christian News Portal. Chorbishop Kyrikose Thottupuram appointed as the first Chancellor and Mr George Alexander is appointed as the Chairman (Temporary and Honorary post) and Subin Varghese appointed as Vice-Chairman.