Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE

(A Society for Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith)



Orthodox Christianity, though known in two orders, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox is the torch bearers of the church established by the Apostles after the Synod of Jerusalem. It is the second largest Christian order spread all over the world even before Europe embraced Christianity. Though initiatives have been made from time to time for a unity and a common platform, no tangible results has come out till date. A group of people conscious of this situation intends to inspire the Church leaders to strive for a world unity of Orthodox Christians and to maintain inter church communion. The promoters intend to educate and spread Orthodoxy, nurture Orthodox faith and values among faithful. This organization, besides, shall engage in social welfare activities and involve in contemporary social and moral issues.


This Society shall be known in the name and title

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE
(A Society for Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith)


(a) To organize meetings, seminars, study classes, workshops, retreats, conventions, training programmes to promote Orthodox Christian values, faith and unity and involve in social issues, and to encourage dialogue and cooperation amongst Orthodox Churches in India and abroad.

(b) To act as CONSULTANT to Orthodox Church management.

(c)  To print and publish books magazines, pamphlets, news paper and articles on Orthodoxy, Orthodox Church and her history and faith in addition to socially relevant themes.                                             .
(d) To undertake social welfare and Development activities and projects in rural and urban areas, cooperating with Central and State Government, NGOs, individuals and institutions. To explore possibilities of joint ventures with organizations of similar vision

(e) To explore resources and Man Power deployment, imparting required trainings.

f) To provide assistance to socially and financially backward segment of the society in education, medical treatment, shelter etc.

g)   To promote reading habits and establish libraries.

(h) To install awards and recognition to honour those who have relevant contributions for Orthodox Church as well those who made excellent contributions to the society

(i) To run websites, blogs, Internet magazines, and forums to promote Orthodox     Christianity and her mission

(j) To establish and run schools, colleges, research centres, boarding centre, hostels, camp centers etc

(k) To acquire an office on rent or by purchase for the exclusive use of the society for its effective functioning.

(l) To start production centers to produce/manufacture church materials, church consumables, icons, mementos etc.

Area of Operation



There are two types of membership

(1)    Life Membership
(2)    Ordinary Membership

Life Membership


The founders of the Society are entitled for Life Membership in the normal way. Life membership shall be conferred upon people of importance who confirms to the views of the society on recommended by the Executive Council and approval by the Chairman and the Chancellor.

Persons living outside India shall become life members

Death of member will result in automatic cancellation of his/her membership from the Society

If a member cancels his/her membership from the Orthodox Church, his/her membership in the Society will automatically cancelled

Ordinary Membership

Any person above the age of 18 who is a practicing Christian and a member of Eastern/Oriental Orthodox Church and committed to the ideology of OCP may apply for a membership in the society.

The applicant has to apply in prescribed form along with a questionnaire to be answered with his/her willingness to adhere to the ideology of the society. The willingness is to renewed every year.

The member has the right to decline the membership at his/her will. Such persons shall never be re admitted.

Approval of the membership is at the discretion of the Executive Council. Membership is not transferable.

Persons living outside India shall become ordinary members

Death of member will result in cesation of his/her membership from the Society

If a member cancels his membership from the Orthodox Church, his or her membership in the Society will automatically be cancelled

General Body

General Body of the society consists of life members and ordinary members.

General body ordinarily shall be convened once in a year to discuss and decide on the following matters

To elect Executive Council and Chairman

Annual General Body is convened for the presentation of annual report and audited account, budget and its approval

To discuss and approve course of action for the next year

To incorporate any programme beneficial to the society

On extra ordinary situation the Executive Council can convene General Body

General Body must have an attendance of 1/3 of the total members

Prior notice is to be served to the members well in advance regarding general body meeting at least 15 days in advance.

If dispute arises or delay occurs in convening the general body, one by fifth of the members shall file a written petition and the Chairman shall convene the General body

The quorum of the General Body shall be one by third of the total members. If the General Body is not met due to the lack of quorum, the subsequent General Body is valid even if the quorum is not available.

To make change in the Bylaw of the Society, two third majorities of the members present in the general body is required

To liquidate the Society two by third of the members are to be present in the General Body, in which cent percent of the life members present and 75% of the ordinary members shall agree

Accounts and Auditing

The accounting year is from 1st April to the 31st of March

The treasurer shall keep cash and accounts and shall be subject to audit.

A bank account shall be opened in any of the Nationalized Bank in the name and style OCP to be operated jointly in the name of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and withdrawal is permitted by the signature of any two persons of the three join holders of the account.

Executive Council

Executive Council consist of Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Secretary and the Treasurer and five members elected form the General Body are elected for a period of three years and their period of office is three years

Duration of the Executive Council shall be for three years.

The Executive Council shall be elected one month before the term of the present committee ends. A fifteen day prior notice shall be issued to conduct the elections.

The quorum of the Executive Council shall be three by fourth

Emergency meeting shall be convened by issuing a 24 hour notice

If a member of the Society does not attend continuously for three Executive Committee meetings, without providing prior notice to the Chairman, the member shall be removed by the Executive Council.

Executive Council is entitled to receive donations and loans for the programmes and projects of the Society as well as buy land, permanent assets, and rent building as per the decisions of the general body.

The Executive Council will have the authority to form different administrative structures like advisory board and departments for the smooth functioning of the Society. The members of the foundation shall be nominated to various structures. It is also entitled to appoint its employees as well as decide the amount of remuneration for them

An Adhock committee of seven members is authorized to register and elect the Executive Council. The following persons are authorised for the same

Fr Thomas P John
Mr K C Jacob
Mr George Alexander
Mr Boaz Reji John
Mr Subin Varghese
Mr C G Alexander
Mr. Abraham P Koshy
Mr Jacob Mathew
Mr Sony Cherian
Dr (Mrs) Mariyama Jacob


Chancellor shall be an eminent person from the ecclesiastic who conform to the OCP perspectives and contributing to the cause of Orthodox Unity.

Chancellor is the patron of the forum whom all proceedings and activities are reported and guidance obtained


General Body shall elect a Life Member as Chairman

Chairman shall preside over the meeting

Give suggestions and advice in the meetings

The Chairman shall sign in all relevant documents along with secretary and treasurer


General Body shall elect a Life Member as Vice-Chairman

To perform all duties of chairman in his absence


General Body shall elect a Life Member as Secretary

Secretary is responsible for:

The decisions of the foundation shall be implemented under the leadership of the secretary

Secretary shall be co-responsible for all financial aspects of the society along with the         treasurer

Discipline and welfare of the employees, administration of the office shall be the             responsibility of the secretary

Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all records of the meetings as well as perform paper works

Secretary shall be responsible to issue the notice for conveying the general body and executive council as well as prepare and record the minutes of the meetings


General Body shall elect a Life Member as Treasurer

Treasurer is responsible for preparing and maintaining all accounts of the society and holding cash and assets

Treasurer is responsible for responsible for all financial aspects and dealing along with chairman and Secretary

Final Decision

In case of dispute, the decision of the majority of the General Body is final.

In the event of liquidation of the Society, all remaining asset and cash shall be transferred to an organisation of similar objective or else to the Government of Kerala. At no cause assets shall be divided among members.

Chairman                                              Treasurer                                                          Secretary