Activities and Achievements

Activities at a Glance

A registered organization exclusively committed to Pan-Orthodox Christian unity ecumenical respect.

Propagating the need for inter-Orthodox unity (Pan-Orthodox unity) and for an exclusive Universal Orthodox Christian platform and for dialogue between all Orthodox jurisdictions (Eastern, Oriental,  Old Believers, Non-Canonical etc).

Operating World’s largest Pan-Orthodox Christian news Portal (OCP Media Network) with. Updated regularly with news, articles, and events from the world of Orthodoxy, with a strong presence in social media networks.

Maintaining regular Networking and communications with several Orthodox Churches worldwide.

Publishing books and articles providing equal importance to the traditions, teachings, and practices of both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches in various national and international print and electronic media.

Published world’s largest list of Orthodox Christian educational institution through Project OCEI.

Manage an exclusive project titled Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research project (MARP) to study the Western Rites of Oriental Orthodox Churches, with special references to Syriac and Malankara Orthodox Churches.

Played an integral role in revamping the Brahmavar Orthodox Community (a Latin Catholic community reunited with the Malankara Church).

Rediscovered several Western Rite Orthodox communities in the Indian Sub-continent.

Visiting and holding meetings, interviews, and discussions with various Orthodox Church delegations and promoting pan-orthodox unity.

Honoring leaders, achievers, and personalities through OCP Foundation.

Undertaking various projects and initiating institute’s to propagate faith, doctrines, unity and academic resources on Orthodox Christianity.

Providing consultancy and training programs to Orthodox Churches, projects and pan-orthodox organizations.

Promoting and defending the rights of all Orthodox Churches, coordinating voice against Christian persecution, defending freedom of worship and human rights.

Maintaining strong relations and networking with various  Orthodox Churches, Orthodox and Orthodox and secular organization worldwide.

Extending a helping hand to the poor and needy through charity services.

Activities and Areas of Work

Meetings and Visits
The OCP Society delegation conducts visits, interviews, and meetings with the hierarchy of the various Orthodox Churches and organizations. This has become an important part of the OCP activities since its establishment in 2007.

News Broadcasting and Journalism
The OCP Media Network provides news, articles, information on the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, resources on Orthodoxy and photographs of Orthodox churches. It is updated regularly with news, photos, articles, and events from the Orthodox world and provides equal importance to Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. The OCP Media Network also broadcasts large volume of news and events on the persecution of Christians worldwide. The OCP News Service provides exclusive coverage from the world of Orthodoxy. OCP Media Network is the world’s largest Pan-Orthodox Christian Portal and currently holds the 12th position among the top 60 Orthodox Blogs & Websites worldwide as per the survey conducted by Feed post.

Research and Publications
Dept. of Church Research and Studies is engaged in research in the fields of Pan-Orthodox unity, Orthodox Christian history, archaeology, mission, art, and allied areas. The OCP published its first book, on Orthodox Church management titled Orthodox Church of the East in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Opportunities, in 2008; a copy is in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church National Sunday School Library. In 2014, the Society published their first pan-orthodox book: Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity: Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. OCP members contribute articles to national and international print and web media. In April 2016, OCP Society published their landmark work, titled The Orthodox Dilemma. A third revised edition of Orthodox Dilemma was published in 2018. Copies of Orthodox Dilemma were presented to the libraries of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate and Orthodox faculty at Belgrade University. The book opened to rave reviews and became the first book to call for an extensive global conciliar platform for all Orthodox Christians. In 2018, OCP published ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ another landmark work which evolved as a result of nine years of intense research through the OCP-MARP initiative.

Utility Projects
Research on Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Church began in 2009 under the Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project(MARP). In 2013, OCP Executive Council approved a web portal The Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP) publish research about Alvares’ life and mission and Western Rite Orthodox resources.[6] MARP is an exclusive project and trade mark of OCP which is under the department of Church research and Studies of the OCP Society. In 2018, MARP was revamped with extensive changes. The new web portal was launched, a research board was constituted and released a new publication. The Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions (OCEI) project, introduced in May 2013, is an online effort to catalog Orthodox Christian higher educational institutions worldwide. Utility project also includes Orthodox Christian Resource Center (OCRC). Dept. of Church Research and Studies monitors OCP projects.

Charity and Social Welfare
The society’s department of charity and social welfare has reached out to the needy since its founding in 2007, with funding in India for education and health needs. Funds are collected from donors and distributed to the concerned for the health and educational assistance.

OCP Foundation
The OCP Foundation was begun in 2014 to honor individuals, organize human-resources-development activities, event management, and sponsorship and to foster inter-orthodox cooperation and dialogue. The foundation has honored a large number of individuals, churches, and organizations.

Mission Support
OCP Society has been supporting Orthodox minority missions through online campaigns and news publishing. Missions in Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, and Pakistan.

OCP Society maintains fraternal relations and strong networking with several Orthodox Churches, Orthodox institutions, and individuals.

The society advocates for the Christians of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church and their third Patriarch, Abune Antonios, and OCP Secretary George Alexander wrote an article entitled “Detained Patriarch, Persecuted Christians, and a Dying Church”. The society observed Save Eritrea, three days of fasting and prayer, and its activities have received support from Metropolitan Abba Seraphim and the British Orthodox Church. In 2015 the OCP Media Network released a photo of Abune Antonios under house arrest, the most recent update on the leader of the Eritrean Orthodox Church. In the Second Quarter of 2017, the Society published a number of important updates on Patriarch Abune Antonios and the Eritrean Orthodox Church through OCP Media Network.