The OCP Pan-Orthodox Services and Models

The Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society offers the following Pan-Orthodox services since 2007.

Pan-Orthodox Unity and Networking

Lobbying, Meetings and Visits, Campaigns, Networking with Orthodox Churches and Institutions, Building confidence and understanding between various Orthodox Churches.

Communications and Media Services

OCP Media Network, OCP News Service, Pan-Orthodox Journalism, Internet and Social Media Platforms.

Research and Development

Center for Orthodox Studies, Oriental Orthodox Research Center, MARP Western Rite Orthodox Research Project, Orthodox Christian Educational Institution Project, Consultation and Training.

Publication and Press

OCP Publications, OCP Press, Research Publications, Book Publishing Support.

Support for Persecuted Christians

Lobbying, Awareness Campaigns, Petitions and Appeals, Publications.

Social Outreach and Mission Support

Charity and Social Welfare, Philanthropic Activities.

Major Activities at a Glance

  • A registered organization exclusively committed to Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar unity with ecumenical respect.
  • Involved in propagating the need for inter-Orthodox unity (Pan-Orthodox unity) and for the need for building an exclusive Universal Orthodox Christian platform and for dialogues and exchanges between all Orthodox jurisdictions (Eastern, Oriental, and Independent Orthodox Churches etc).
  • Operating World’s largest Pan-Orthodox Christian  Portal (OCP Media Network) since 2007 and thereby building a Pan-Orthodox media culture.
  • Maintaining Pan-Orthodox networking and communications with several Orthodox Churches and institutions worldwide. Visiting and holding meetings, interviews, and discussions with various Orthodox Church delegations and promoting pan-orthodox unity.
  • Publishing books and articles providing equal importance to the Traditions, teachings, and practices of both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches in various national and international print and electronic media.
  • Published and manages the world’s largest list of Orthodox Christian educational institution through Project OCEI.
  • Manages the world’s largest Western Rite Orthodox project titled ‘Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP) to study the Western Rites of Eastern, Oriental and independent Orthodox Churches since 2009.
  • Played an integral role in revamping the Brahmavar Orthodox Community (a Western Rite Orthodox community).
  • Rediscovered several Western Rite Orthodox communities in the Indian Sub-continent through MARP.
  • Honouring leaders, achievers, and personalities through the OCP Foundation.
  • Undertaking various projects to propagate faith, doctrines, unity and academic resources on Orthodox Christianity.
  • Providing consultancy and training programs to Orthodox Churches, projects and pan-orthodox organizations.
  • Promoting and defending the rights of all Orthodox Churches, coordinating voice against Christian persecution, defending the freedom of worship and human rights.
  • Extending a helping hand to the poor and needy through charity services.