Pan Orthodox Christian Unity

What is Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar Unity?

The Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar unity is focused on bringing Orthodox Christians across various jurisdictions, cultures and origin on a common universal platform. It is a cross- cultural interaction and approach between various Orthodox jurisdictions and a call for an extensive dialogue and action between Eastern, Oriental, Western, Non-Canonical, Old Believers, traditional, Old- Calendar, new generation Orthodox Churches. It aims at full sacramental communion between the various Orthodox Christian families. The stress is given to conciliarity, because the nature and structure of administration and decision in Orthodox Churches is always based on councils, unlike the Roman Catholics or Protestants. Councils are given importance as they are considered to be the measuring scale. If a dispute arises in the church, then a council is organized to take an appropriate decision. Orthodox Christianity gives importance to the fusion of episcopacy and democracy. There is always a scope for collective decision making. The primate of each local Orthodox Church (Patriarch or Catholicos, Archbishop, Metropolitan) is considered to be first among equals in the Synod of Bishops who is chosen to lead the church, but does not have authoritarian rights to decide by himself.

The Schism between the Orthodox families, particularly between Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox, was a result of politics, misunderstanding, misinterpretations of theological and Christological doctrines.


A Prayer for Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity

Fr. Kenneth C BIcknell, OSB

O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst pray unto Thy Heavenly Father on the night before Thine all own passion and death.  “May they be one, Father, even as Thou art in me and I am in Thee, that they be one in us”.  We humbly acknowledge and worship Thee, in the most Holy Trinity, three persons yet one All Powerful God

We beseech Thee; unworthy though we are of Thy mercy and Compassion, bring together, unite and pacify all the churches, which profess the True and Undivided Faith of Holy Orthodoxy.   Heal the divisions and schisms between us that are the product of our sinfulness, our pride, and the weakness of our faith.  Break down and destroy the walls we have erected between us, which keep us, as Orthodox believers, from giving one single convincing witness to the truth of Thy Holy Gospel and to the Eternal Life offered by Thee in and through Thy Holy Church.

By the consistency of our prayers, the repentance of our hearts, and thorough the operation and intervention of Thine All Holy Spirit, may we one day come to stand at Thy Holy Altar, partaking together of the Life-Giving Mysteries of Thy Most Precious Body and Saving Blood.  With heavy and regretful hearts, we supplicate Thee to unite all the Churches of Holy Orthodoxy, which they may truly be “one flock and One Shepherd”.

For all glory, honour, and worship belong to Thee, Christ God, with Thine Unoriginate Father, and Thine All Holy, Good and Life Creating Spirit, now and unto the ages of ages, AMEN.

Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire You in my soul.  I do not want to live one minute without You in my life.  Although I cannot receive You in the Blessed Sacrament, come nonetheless spiritually and actually into my heart.  As though You were already there, I embrace and unite myself to You; permit not that I should ever be separated from You.