The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Catholic Church of Jesus Christ

“Orthodoxy does not persuade or try to compel; it charms and attracts.” – Fr. SergiusBulgakov

“Speaking of Orthodoxy, we must not repeat the mistake of Pilate when he asked Christ “what is truth? (John 18:38). The proper question is: “Whose is truth?” For the truth is not an idea, a theory, a system, but a person, the Most Holy Person of the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ. Therefore we must ask the same about Orthodoxy, because it is identified with the Godman, Person of the Word of God. He as Godman is our Orthodoxy, our Complete Truth.”- Protopresbyter George Metallinos Past Professor, School of Theology, University of Athens

Many believe that Orthodoxy is one of the many “churches” around. Namely one viewpoint of Christianity or others believe that Orthodoxy is a religion. Both these viewpoints are absolutely false. Orthodoxy basically means true glory or true faith. The Orthodox Church is not one of the “churches” because she is the ONLY true Church of Christ. This naturally is not pride but the TRUTH. Since the Lord instituted only one Church, how can we speak of many? Moreover, Orthodoxy cannot be called a religion because every religion tries to cover the psychological needs of man. In contrast Orthodoxy heals the spiritually ailing man (meaning every human) and renders him holy, this being the tangible and obvious proof of her truth.

The Orthodox Church is the original Christian Church, the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ and described within the pages of the New Testament. Her history can be traced in the unbroken continuity all the way back to Christ and his Apostles.

“Study widely, inquire minutely, Think carefully, Analyze clearly, and practice earnestly”- Confucius 

The Orthodox Church is the one true Catholic, Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Orthodox Christianity is not a mere religion, with some form of rituals and celebrations, it is more than a religion. It is a way of life.Orthodox Church has maintained the correct apostolic succession without any breakage or interruption. The Orthodox Church has a large number of Martyrs who have given their lives for Jesus Christ.

Millions of Orthodox Christians lost their lives during the attack of militant warriors in Middle East, Asia Minor and Syria. The Christians who sacrificed their lives in the Roman Persecutions at different periods in history were all Orthodox Christians. In the modern centuries Terrorist and Communist rulers have killed millions of Orthodox Christians. Hence historians call the Orthodox Church the “Church of Martyrs”.

The Orthodox Church is the Church of great writers and theologians like St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Basil the Great, St. Jerome, St. Gregorious of Nyssa, St. Augustine, St. Ephraim are some of them. In the modern age there are people like Deskeyovesky, Paulose Mar Gregorious and many, many others.

The Orthodox Church is the only Church that upholds and strictly follows the teachings of the Holy Apostles and that of the Holy Church Fathers. The Orthodox Church is the right New Testament Church founded by Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The Priesthood, Apostolic Succession, Transubstantiation, Seven important Sacraments based upon Church life, the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Communion; prayers for the departed, intercession of the saints are many of the core elements of the Orthodox faith. The term Orthodox denotes right worship, or glory to the right worship. Jesus Christ is worshipped as God and One among the Holy trinity.

The Orthodox Church uses the worship style prepared by the Apostles. The base has been prepared by St. James who was the first Episcopos of Jerusalem and brother of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is being reflected in the Orthodox worship. Orthodox Christians sing and worship just like the Jews and early Christians. As mentioned in the Holy Bible, Orthodox Christians uses the same style of worship that take place in Heaven. True Christian values have not been sifted out of the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Church strongly condemns premarital and extra marital relationships. Orthodoxy encourages people to glorify their sexual life through fasting. The Orthodox Church has taken a strong stand against same sex marriages. Orthodoxy teaches these elements to be sinful because they are not in God’s original plan. The Orthodox Church does not recognize or accept divorce. But if a person gets a divorce due to personal limitation, the Orthodox Church persuades him/her to remarry, which must be a ceremony of confession.

The Orthodox Church is strongly against divorce. The Didache, a Christian book written in the first century states that abortion is equal to killing. It is the duty of the Church to protect and look after the poor and needy. An Orthodox Christian may choose right or left in politics. But when it comes to values taught by the Holy Bible and the Early Church fathers, Orthodox Christians will simply rely on God’s will and on nothing else.

Ortho – True or correct complete doctrine
dox – Belief teaching doctrine
Christ – Jesus Christ in whom our faith is rooted 

Ian   – One who strives to live as Christ did



Families of Orthodox Churches

There are different types of Orthodox Churches. Apart from Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, there exist various independent Orthodox churches. Please note that the list is not complete.

The Orthodox Church compromises three different families of Churches

(Old Believers, Old Calendar,Traditional, Unrecognized, Non-Canonical and new generation Orthodox Churches are not in communion with Eastern or Oriental Orthodox Churches).