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Anna, undergoing monitoring for her seizures in the hospital.

Anna, undergoing monitoring for her seizures in the hospital. – Belgorod, Russia17/1/18

Elena Xlystova is a young mother of two from Belgorod, Russia who has been battling for her life against Lymphoma over the past two years, while struggling to keep her 5-year-old epileptic daughter Anna alive as well. Elena’s parents, who were their only means of financial support, passed away earlier this year. This has left Elena with no way to afford food or clothing, let alone their expensive medical bills. Moreover, their house burned down a few months ago, so the struggling family has been moving between monasteries and hospices and wherever else they can find beds.

Due to their poverty, illness, and stress, Elena’s weight has plummeted to a mere 77 lbs. over the past two years, making her too light for normal, cheaper chemotherapy treatment. The treatment she is receiving costs $6,000 in all. Doctors have said she has little time left to live without it.

Doctors have also found that Elena is suffering from tachycardia, in which her heart begins beating excessively, pumping less efficiently, and providing less blood flow to the rest of her body, which causes her to pass out very quickly. The electrocardiogram device that her doctor has called for costs nearly $2,000.

Meanwhile, Elena has personally communicated to us that her daughter Anna suffered a severe series of epileptic seizures all throughout the night a few days ago, and she is unable to move, and barely able to eat or drink. Anna’s doctor is several hundred miles away, and so the family is constantly spending time and money on transportation to and from. The latest monitoring her doctor has put her on costs nearly $1,500, in addition to all the expenses the family was already burdened with.

Elena and her daughters Arina and Anna are faithful Orthodox Christians, relying on God for strength, but the whole situation is understandably hard on them, and Elena is very worried for her daughters.

We have posted their story several times on our Facebook feed, and our readers have been quite generous and a great help to Elena and her family. She sends her immense gratitude and prayers!

However, as the treatments for both Elena and Anna are ongoing and they have no permanent place to live, the family is still in great need. We ask that whoever is able to would prayerfully consider offering this young and suffering family whatever financial assistance you can.

The quickest way to help is to send funds via Paypal
A friend of the family has also started a GoFundMe page on their behalf:
For our Russian readers, funds can be sent to Elena’s Sberbank card: 4276070012888055

Thank you, and God bless!


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