Wisdom from the East 1 – By Fr. Milan Radulovic


Holy Faith TV – 4/11/17

I sit down with Father Milan Radulovic, an Eastern Orthodox Priest of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, to discuss his journey from actor, to monastic life and finally to priest who left eastern Europe for Canada.


1 thought on “Wisdom from the East 1 – By Fr. Milan Radulovic

  1. Hey this here is the founder of HolyFaith.tv. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing my video. Much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed the interview. This was my first sit down interview ever, so there were a few blunders on my part. Learning experience 🙂 I have a number of short videos on my Youtube channel youtube.com/holyfaithtv1 featuring Father Milan’s homilies. Be sure to check them out. Thanks again and many blessings from Toronto, Canada!

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