The Georgian Ministry of Education

Pravoslavie.ru – 21/2/16

Tbilisi: It should be noted that Archimandrite Lazar (Abashidze), a famous contemporary Georgian ascetic and spiritual writer, recently spoke on this subject in his message addressed to the Georgian people: “Now all depends on us. And the worst thing is that the people remain silent. Priests and clergy are silent too, and we hear only occasional voices of warning. Unless they cry out about the imminent danger, unless they protest, inspire Christians to struggle against this evil and bring those lapsed from Christ to their senses by any means necessary, the door will open wide to reveal the path, ready and carpeted, on which antichrist will enter Georgia,” he wrote.

A wave of discontent is currently rising in Georgia because the Ministry of Education by orders of the European Union is introducing new subjects into schools, such as “Me and society” and “My Georgia”, which will be taught to children aged 7-13.

One of the textbooks offers the most sophisticated depravity, in its most rotten and loathsome form, writes the Kviris Palitra Georgian newspaper, and another textbook contains complete moral deformation of historical events.

Some of the texts included in the schoolbooks offer children topics for conversations and thought on their “gender identity”, that is, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

Additionally a broad spectrum of knowledge in the sphere of sexual relations is taught.

School students are recommended to establish good relations with LGBT communities and to invite members of these communities for talks. Students are given to understand that they can get information regarding their rights on the matter. They are suggested to imagine various fairy-tale characters in different “gender identities”. Special stress is placed on democracy, discrimination and gender equality.

A question on the nature of family is raised and the idea that people with sexual deviations, such as homosexuality and so on, can have happy families, is explained.

Pupils are encouraged to dream and imagine that they are of the opposite sex, imitating the respective manners, habits and behavior.

It may seem as if the textbooks’ authors and supervisors are sincerely, deeply concerned about the personal life of children as well as their parents’ rights, but in reality these are cynical lies, so parents and society itself are now trying to raise the alarm in this regard.